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How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

Every mother feels the difficulty in dealing with her stubborn child who does not listen to her, whether at home or in public places causing her embarrassment many times because she can not adjust and control his/her behavior. Your violent behavior with your children will not work at all. Here are some steps that will help you deal with this kind of children.

*Put the rules and regulations:
First, you should put the rules you want your child to follow, what is allowed and what is forbidden. If the child was receiving care for a long time with other person like his grandmother, it is very important to cooperate in the terms of the regulations.

For example, do not forbid him from doing something while his grandmother lets him do what he wants as he will not obey you.

*Do not scream at him. Never scream when he doesn’t obey you because screaming will increase his stubbornness and insistence to do what he wants. Instead, try to talk to him calmly and treat him as adults because children like to be dealt with as adults.

*Allocate time to speak with him. Try to allocate some time every day in order to talk with your child. Encourage him to express himself quietly and to discuss with you without stubbornness. Also, you should be flexible with him to teach him flexibility in dealing with others.

*Reward him when he does what you ask him to do: We do not mean here the material reward, but also moral reward. Your child needs that you express your admiration of what he does especially if he does what you ask him to do. This will make him like to obey you in order to gain your satisfaction.

How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

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