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How To De-Bloat During Your Period

Period bloat is the worst thing, and it seems like most of us ladies are immune, studies showed that over 70% of the menstruating women experience stomach bloat during period. The blame could be on the fluctuating levels of estrogen and the sudden drop in progesterone that happens right before the monthly aunt flow comes on time, however the good news is that, three days into your period your ovaries start to work again on stabilizing your hormones levels which cause the bloating to go away. But what can you do to de-bloat your belly when you are right in the middle of it. The following are some effective methods to de-bloat in your period.

1- Protein And Potassium Rich Foods.

Fill your plate with foods that are rich in potassium which helps in restoring a normal balance for fluids in the body, pumpkin, bananas, asparagus and tomatoes are good sources of potassium.
Also healthy fats like those in chia seeds, flaxseeds, salmon and walnuts help in reducing prostaglandins the group of hormones that make your belly bloat on your period and your uterine muscles to contract.
Protein is also another food that wont increase the problem but will give you the needed nourish and to sustain your energy levels. Also diuretic foods like celery, watermelon, lemon juice, onion, garlic and ginger can help eliminate the excess fluids retained in your cells due to the premenstrual progesterone increased levels.

2- Stay Away From Foods That Cause Gas.

Having gas while your belly is bloating during your period could make you feel much worse, broccoli and sprouts contain a group of complex sugar called raffinose and humans lack the needed enzymes to break down those sugar which leads to gas, other foods that fall under the same category include cauliflower, beans, lettuce and cabbage.

3- Keep Up Your Workout Regime .

The last thing you want to do is exercise during the first two days of your period, however experts proved that getting your heart rate up can significantly reduce the PMS symptoms including bloating and cramps. People that have a sedentary lifestyle tend to have a more sluggish digestion, walking around, exercising and moving can help you digest in a healthy way and even get rid of the retained fluids in your body that happens before the period every month.

4- Cut Back On Coffee And Alcohol.

Premenstrual alcohol can intensify the symptoms like breast tenderness, cramps, mood swings and bloating. Also coffee can over stimulate your digestive system and cause irritations to your bowl which leads to dehydration and low absorbance of minerals. It will be much safer if you just skip on your morning latte for those few days.

5- Avoid Carbonated Beverages.

A lovely iced glass of soda could help your feel good temporarily but it will leave you much more bloated that before, the same goes for sugary juices and drinks even those that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, sugar was proved to cause gas, bloating and stomachaches. Instead opt of natural lain water to make up for the lost fluids, maintain your body hydrated and ensure a smooth function for your body organs as well as detox your body.

6- Get More Sleep.

Exhausting yourself during those crucial days can make you feel much worse, although the symptoms of menstruation impact the quality of sleep you get, it is important for you to get enough shut eyes time to allow the fluids retained in your belly to move back into your body cells and get eliminated.

7- Take The Pill.

Oral contraceptives are not only an ideal birth control method, but it also reduces the menstrual symptoms significantly, in fact studies shoed that the pill helps reducing the severity of the menstrual symptoms by up to 50%.

8- Take Anti-inflammatory.

An OTC anti-inflammatory medication helps to block the chemicals that cause inflammation which in turn will reduce bloating and cramping. Two days before the expected date of your period opt to take 200 to 400 ibuprofen or naproxen six to eight hours.

How To De-Bloat During Your Period

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