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How to Cross the Laos Cambodian Border Safely


Travelling through the border between Laos and Cambodia used to be a bit difficult problem. For several years, it was not easy to cross from or to any of the two countries because a Visa was needed in advance. For the time being, if you are travelling from Laos to Cambodia, visas are available on the borders. However, if you will travel from Cambodia to Laos, you will need to have a Laos Visa beforehand.

If you have the intention to travel through the Laos / Cambodian border, you will need to know that some ways are cheap; others are convenient. There are two immigration checkpoints in Laos, one of them at Veun Kham and the other at Dong Kralor. You will usually have to pay $1 US charged by the immigration police, because you are going to have your passport stamped.

There are some possible problems that you may face during your journey. The first thing you will see is that theborder is so far from being developed and that it is just a couple of shacks made of wood. You will find just one or two guards there to stamp passports of the travelers. Also,you will notice that there are no public buses. So, you will need to hire a car otherwise you will find yourself stuck at the borders there if no vehicles are available.

On the other hand, you will enjoy the most comfortable experience if you travel by a private passport.Just your guide will care about everything. All you have to do is to enjoy your favorite cigar or read your favorite magazine in an air conditioned vehicle. Just a brief stop to get your passport stamped. That is, no doubt, the easiest way available now. Also, you are preferred to deal with a travel agency to avoid problems.

Crossing the Laos Cambodian Border Crossing the Laos Cambodian Border Crossing the Laos Cambodian Border Crossing the Laos Cambodian Border

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