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How To Control Excessive Sweating

A normal amount of sweat is normal, healthy even to maintain your body cool and at the same time detoxify your body, however if you are suffering from excessive sweating you may be having a condition called hyperhidrosis which is not a really serious medical condition, it causes excessive sweating in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the underarms which can reduce self-esteem and cause emotional and physical discomfort, heart and arteries diseases can also cause excessive sweating, fortunately there are many effective ways you can control the situation with, below is a lost of them so check it out.

1- Consider Using A Stronger Antiperspirant.

The first step towards comparing excessive sweat is switching a strong antiperspirant, however note that antiperspirant are actually different from regular deodorants, antiperspirant clog up your sweat pores and prevent excessive moisture while deodorants just mask up the unpleasant sweat odor.
antiperspirant contains an active ingredient called aluminum chloride hexahydrate which was proven scientifically to be linked with heavy metal poisoning, skin diseases and cancer so make sure to not use antiperspirant excessively.

2- Choose Your Clothes Wisely.

Choosing the correct materials and colors will make a huge difference helping you to manage excessive sweating. Firstly, breathable materials will reduce your sweating to a huge extent and secondly, choosing the right colors will help masking the stains caused by sweat which keeps your always self-conscious.

3- Always Have A change Of Cloth With You.

Just knowing that you are carrying a change of cloth and you can quickly change your clothes at any time can help so much reduce your anxiety which can actually worsen the situation and cause you to even sweat more.

4- Layer Up Your Clothes.

Even in the summer when it is too warm to wear an extra layer, try to wear an under layer of cloth, so it soaks the excessive sweat and prevent it from reaching your outer layers of clothes.

5- Avoid Spicy Foods.

Spicy Foods like chilli peppers, Indian curries and spices that increase the body temperature like ginger and cinnamon should be avoided at !East during your work days because spicy foods stimulate sweating and can worsen the situation, also foods with strong odor like onion and garlic can cause your sweat to smell which can make the situation even more embarrassing.

6- Maintain Your Bed Cool.

It is ideal to sleep in a cool room and use cotton sheets that can cause the excessive sweat rather than silk sheets, also don’t use a heavy duvet or comforter, a light weighted one will be better if you suffer from excessive sweating during the night and you can layer up more plackets if it gets colder during the night.

7- Avoid Stress.

Stress and the hormones produced from stress are major triggers for excessive sweating, so try to avoid stress as possible by stopping over thinking about stressful situations and practicing a relaxing technique such as meditating or yoga.

How To Control Excessive Sweating


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