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How to control your anger before it controls you, Part I

Anger is a completely normal human emotion, but it must not get out of control so as it will not lead to problems, whether in personal relations or at work. It can make you feel as if you are at the mercy of a powerful and unpredictable emotion. You cannot avoid things or people making you angry, but you can learn to reduce your emotional feelings and reactions.

Some people get angry more intensely and more easily than others; such people do not always throw things or curse; sometimes they get physically ill or withdraw socially.

Easily angered people have a low tolerance for frustration; meaning that they feel they do not have to be subjected to annoyance or frustration; they get infuriated if a situation seems unjust to them. A number of causes make these people this way; it can be psychological or genetic. Some children are born touchy and irritable, and they show these signs at a very early age.

Another reason is sociocultural, as we are taught to express depression, anxiety or any other emotion but not anger being considered a negative thing. This is why we do not know how to deal with it or channel it constructively.

Of course family background plays an important role because easily angered people more likely come from families that are not skilled at emotional communications. Psychologists say it is not right to let it out- as mistakenly believed- because this escalates aggression and it does not help resolve the situation.

The best way is to know what triggers your anger and then learn to handle it in order to protect yourself from tipping over the edge. There are some techniques that can help you relax such as to breathe deeply and to visualize a relaxing experience either from your imagination or your memory.
How to control your anger before it controls you

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