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How To Control Adrenaline Rushes

Adrenalin rush is when your adrenal glands produce excess levels of adrenalin in response to stress or anxiety which cause you to experience symptoms that are similar to those experienced during a panic attack such as pounding heart or increased heart rate and shakiness.

Although adrenaline rush could be so much uncomfortable they are generally not dangerous and learning a few techniques to relax yourself you can successfully control the situation and reduce its intensity.
The following are some tips on how to control adrenalin rush.

1- Deep Breathing Could Help.
Adrenaline rush could affect the way you breath which in return affect your heart rate and worsen the symptoms, employing deep breathing could help alleviate the situation and oxygen to your body which will normalize your pulse and provide warmth to your hand and feet.

2- Count To Twenty.
Whenever you experience an adrenaline rush, close your eyes and count to twenty, when you count your mind will be focused on something other than the stressful situation, the adrenaline get produced in response of the state of mind you are in, if you could successfully divert your mind from focusing on the stressful situation then your body won’t produce excessive adrenaline.

3- Think Positively.
Negative thinking can make stress, mention and panic attacks worse and more acute, setting your mind to think positively even in stressful situations will help you control your adrenaline production, instead of panicking when something goes wrong, think how to make the best out of the situation.

4- Identify The Causes For Your Stress.
Make a list of the things that trigger stress and tension in your life and limit them at any cost or learn how to successfully control them and train your mind to have more patience dealing with those situations.


How To Control Adrenaline Rushes

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