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How To Clear Up Acnes Naturally

Acnes are annoying and hard to get rid of, but they don’t only scar our faces, they can also scar our confidence and self-esteem, you may find yourself going out less and limiting the number of your friends which can even lead to depression, the lake of self confidence acnes often cause can stand in the way between you and your social success. Fortunately you can get rid of acnes using easy home remedies a d get back your confidence and your charming clear skin. Read on to find out the most effective remedies to get rid of acnes.

1- Honey With Cinnamon.

Honey is a great and very effective antibacterial, it works as a natural antibiotic that kills the harmful bacteria clogged in the skin pores and causing acnes while cinnamon is rich with anti-inflammatory substances that reduce redness and swelling.

2- Honey With Milk.

Beside cinnamon you can also use milk with honey or you can even make a mixture of all three ingredients, milk has been used for ages to improve the condition of the skin, plus it has the capability to reduce redness and swelling associated with acnes. Simply mix one tables spoon of each and massage your face with, when it dries up wash off with warm water.

3- Lemon Juice.

Lemon juice is a bleaching agent as well as a great antibacterial which all make it a perfect solution for acnes, simply mix a few drops of lemon juice with some cold water then dip a cotton ball in and rub it on the area where acnes present, make sure to wash ten minutes after.

4- Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient that present right in your kitchen cupboards and can make a great home remedy for acnes, beside inhibiting bacterial growth, apple cider vinegar also exfoliate and soften your skin, you can prepare it the same way you prepare lemon juice just make sure not to apply it undiluted to your face.

5- Egg White Mask.

Egg white can reduce acnes and promote the production of new skim cells as well as decreasing the oil production that can worsen the problem of acnes, all you need to do it apply egg white directly on your face, let it dry then wash off with warm water.

6- Banana Peels.

Banana peels contain powerful antioxidants that will effectively reduce swelling, redness and prevent acne scars, so after you finish enjoying your banana, make sire not to through the peel, just rub it on your face then wash off after ten minutes.

7- Tea Tree Oil.

Maybe you won’t happen to have this particular ingredient in your kitchen cupboards at the moment but it is easily found in any grocery store, it is a very powerful antibacterial only a few drops of it is enough to fight the bacteria causing your acnes and open up your skin pores. Min one part of tea tree oil with nine parts of water in a spray bottle and shake and spray on your face three times a day.

How To Clear Up Acnes Naturally

How To Clear Up Acnes Naturally How To Clear Up Acnes Naturally

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