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How To Clean And Care For Hard Wood Floors

Learning how to clean your hardwood floor will make a huge difference in maintaining your hardwood always shiny and looking like new, hardwood floors require more care and attention than carpeted or ceramic floors because even small factors like dust, dirt or spilling liquids could cause a permanent damage to the floor, hence learning how to care for it will make your floor look new for such a long time, read on the following tips before you clean your hardwood floor.

1- Don’t Use Usual Household Dusting And Cleaning Objects.
There are products that are manufactured specifically to clean hard wood floors, the other regular products could cause permanent damage to your floor so just avoid them.

2- Avoid Using Water To Clean It.
Water is number one thing to avoid with your hard wood floor, water will surely cause an undesired damage to the wood and how it looks and smells, you can use a damp cloth to clean anything that spell but avoid pouring water directly on the wood.

3- Don’t Drag Furniture When Moving It?
When you drag furniture when moving it from one part of the house to the other part you could cause scratches on the finish surface of the wood, instead use felt contacts underneath the legs of the furniture object.

4- Vacuum And Don’t Sweep.
Vacuuming is better than sweeping when it comes to hardwood floors because it will allow the dust between each board to be pulled away and cleaned so that the floor looks clean and organized.

5- Don’t Let Sunlight Touch The Wood Directly.
Direct contact with sunlight could cause damage to the surface of the wood which is one thing you want to avoid for sure, use blinds or sheer curtains to block the sunlight from damaging your floor.

How To Clean And Care For Hard Wood Floors

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