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How to Choose What You Have in Your Wardrobe to Make You Look Rich in 5 Tips

Looking rich and classy is not about spending a lot of money, but rather on how you spend it. It is not very uncommon to get the wrong idea or impression about some people depending on how they dress. In this article you will learn how to dress in a way that makes you look like you purchase brand name clothes even though you buy them from department stores.

1- Be a little more picky when choosing your clothes. You look rich to people not because they can see the price tag on your clothes, but because your clothes fit you as if they were tailored just for you. Clothes that fit you right is not something you see usually in department stores, but you can find them none the less with more searching.

2- Invest in some tailoring classes. I know I am rephrasing the point of getting clothes that fit you well, but this is to show you how important this is. I am not saying you should make your whole wardrobe contents yourself (though this would be great), but with some knowledge in tailoring you would be able to change the department store dresses that don’t fit that well into something that looks like a brand name article tailored just for you.

3- There are stores that sell chic fashionable clothes on a budget or for wholesale prices. You could also look for sales or remnants that are sold for half the price. You can find there many sophisticated looking clothing and accessories.

4- Remove the tags from your clothes and accessories. Brand name clothes and accessories do not show their labels prominently. Moreover wearing things with glaring brand name labels on them make you look like you are somehow promoting them, or especially obsessed with brand names.

5- Choose items made in natural fabrics. Nothing says cheap like synthetic materials. Even if a certain dress is a bit more expensive because it is made of wool, it is still better looking than an identically similar one made of polyester.

How to Choose What You Have in Your Wardrobe to Make You Look Rich in 5 Tips

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