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How to take care of your dry skin

There are many reasons for having a dry skin, for example, heredity or cold weather. Of course, having dry skin is a very annoying problem which may lead to other skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, cracks and wrinkles. Here are some things you should do if you have a dry skin.

– If you have a dry skin, you should avoid taking a hot shower. Hot water makes your skin dry and irritated.

– Don’t wash your face too often. Excessive washing with soap makes the skin dry up more. There fore, your skin will be easily infected by bacteria because washing too often strips the skin from its natural protective oils.

– Don’t use a lot of skin products. A lot of skin products cause acne and irritation to dry skin.

– You should moisturize your skin before applying makeup. You should also use makeup suitable to sensitive skin because dry skin is always sensitive.

– It’s advisable that you apply a moisturizing cream and wear gloves in cold weather in order to protect your hands. Moreover, when you buy clothes you should avoid irritating fabrics like wool or you may wear them over other soft clothes.

– You should avoid shaving if you have dry skin because shaving strips the skin of its natural oils and therefore it will be irritated easily.

– Don’t forget sun-blocking when you go out in the sun. You should protect your skin from the Ultra Violet rays that damages your skin.

– Drink enough water to keep your skin moisturized. Also, eat fruits and vegetables to moisturize your skin and you may also try a fruit mask.

How to take care of your dry skin

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