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How To Calculate Your Biological Age

While most of us know our date of birth and can calculate their chronological age, our bodies can look and function like a person who’s either younger or older depending on its health condition and composition, if you are in your twenties that doesn’t mean your body is in its youthful state, chronological age can vary from biological age, and while there is no way to argue with you regarding your chronological age.

There are a few ways you can measure your biological age depending on your physical and health state.

1- Check Your Pulse.
The heart is one of the most important and vital organs of the body, a healthy heart indicates a good general health. A normal heart rate is usually between 60 to 100 beats per minute while testing, your heart shouldn’t be beating slower or faster than this , however if you are an athlete your heart rate can be a bit slower.

Place your first two fingers of the right hand over the inside of your arm underneath the thumb over one of the main arteries in your body and count your beats for 15 seconds.

Multiply the number of beats by 4 and to determine how many beats your heart beating per minute.

2- Check Your Flexibility.
Flexibility declines as we age due to several factors like losing muscle tissue, dehydration, losing bone density and increased calcium deposits, hence your flexibility can give you a sense of the state of your health.
Sit on the ground with your legs stretched on the floor and try to stretch and touch your toes if you could do that then you propaply have no problem with your flexibility.

3- Monitor Your Strength.
Are you strong enough? We continue to gain muscle up to the age of 30, afterwards somehow we start to slowly lose muscle mass, people who are older than 30 years old and are physically inactive can lose up to 3 to 5% of their muscle mass let decade and in result lose mobility and strength, even physically active people who are over 30 years old still lose muscle mass after the age of 30.

How To Calculate Your Biological Age

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