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How to be beautiful on your wedding day

It is very important for the bride to feel good and look good on her wedding day with a smile on her radiant face, and whether you will do your makeup yourself or get it done by a specialist you should rehearse it to make sure you will look perfect, but of course to have a professional to do it is better.

Practicing your look before marriage is the best way to obtain a flawless natural look with an image that is life-long to cherish.

First, you should avoid having base lines on your face which demands a foundation perfectly matching, that is a very close match for your complexion, and it must give you a clean and fair skin to work on; it is also important to know that checking it should be under sun light not the artificial lights which can deceive you.

It will be a good idea to mix a little concealer with your foundation to make sure it blends evenly and smoothly in your skin, and to get rid of extra shine use face powder but use it wisely only if necessary and just before taking pictures.

As for your eyes makeup, use neutral and moderate colors and to make your eyes look bigger use a light-colored or white eye-shadow on inside edges. Use some glitter but not much, and do not forget to enhance your look by a light shimmer on your cheekbones.

To finish you eye makeup, use waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner with false eyelashes if needed. The last but not least are your lips for which you should use a lipstick tone in a way lighter than the color you usually wear, and do not forget that lip color is very essential in your look, that it why practice wearing your lipstick a lot before wedding to be confident.

How to be beautiful on your wedding day

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