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How To Use Banana To Prevent Constipation

Do you suffer from chronic constipation or looking for a simple and safe way to beat constipation? There are many medications available over the counter but those medications will have their negative effect on your health later on due to the content of chemical Ingredients in there, instead look for natural solutions, Banana for example is one of the best natural ways you can beat constipation and have a smoother bowl movement, read on the following to find out how.

– Daily Contributing Factors To Constipation:-
There are many factors that contribute to constipation that exist in our daily lives like.

. Having a diet that is poor in fibers.

. Dehydration or not drinking enough Fluids throughout the day or eating food items that contain water content like vegetables.

. Lack of physical activity.

. Taking Medications that cause constipation as a side effect like iron supplements.

. Consuming dairy products excessively.

– How Banana Prevent Constipation?

. Banana is rich with insoluble fibers that ensure a smooth bowl movement, therefore it is recommended to eat two to four bananas everyday.

. Banana has a direct effect on the colon so it is important to consume adequate amounts of water beside eating bananas.

. Banana is enriched with potassium which improves the bowl movement and ease the elimination of stool.

. Banana is considered amongst the best fruits you could eat to prevent constipation because banana contain enzymes that prevent the fermentation process of foods in the intestines while boosting energy levels.

– Suggestions To Eat Banana.
You can add two bananas to your morning breakfast to ensure a healthy digestion process throughout the day.

Eat one Banana after every meal.

You can make a quick milk shake with Banana and honey, honey too is known to improve digestion.

How To Use Banana To Prevent Constipation

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