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How to Avoid the Timeshare Scams – Credit Card

Having timeshare commodities in a wonderful resort or a tranquil place will enable you to spend an amazing holiday every year. However, your financial or social conditions may force you to resale or even rent your portion of this timeshare till you become desperate from finding a buyer. In this case, you are vulnerable to be a prey for a new kind of timeshare scam. This article will show you a few ways of this scam to help you save your property.

The timeshare contracts are binding documents; thus, the owners think that they have no right to cancel the contract and return their money back. This idea leads most of these owners to list their timeshare properties for sale on different websites to get rid of its maintenance expenses. However, as a timeshare owner, you should be careful, because there are increasing timeshare scams especially in Florida and Miami.

The timeshare scams take different shapes, but most of them will reach you through an uninvited email or a phone call. Somebody may call you and give you a false company name or even a real name and tell you that he has a buyer who will offer you a reasonable price. Here, he demands you to tell him the number of your credit card to deliver your money. Once he gets your credit card information, you will get nothing and he will steal your money. Furthermore, this fake person can use your credit card in illegal deals.

If you truly need to sell your timeshare property, you should head to a trusted source such as the well-known companies. Even if these companies offered you to pay any amount of money, it will be better to go to the company’s headquarter and give them the money face to face. If you need additional information, visit only the trusted websites to protect yourself from the different kinds of scam.

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