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How to Avoid and Heal a Side Stitch

Have you ever experienced a stabbing pain near your side while running a race or a simple morning jog? You are not the only one. A side stitch is a major problem that hits us all; the twist is that you won’t even feel it the more you practice. Here’s what you should do to get rid of your side stitch permanently.

What to Eat : It’s very important to avoid fatty food and food high in fibers as it fills up your stomach making it heavier for your diaphragm to budge, thus, worsens your side stitch. Unlike water and sport drinks, you should avoid drinking fruit juice before running because of its osmolality which makes absorption difficult.

Exercise your abs : Making your transversus abdominis muscles stronger is related to that sharp pain you get in your side while running. The more you exercise that muscle, the less side stitch you feel.

Breath : As you run, your heart beats faster and that requires more oxygen uptake. This is why you need to breath. Count your breaths and make sure to keep it stable.

Stretch when you feel a stitch : Whenever you feel a stitch while running, stop, take a breath and stretch. If your stitch is on the right side, bend and stretch to the left and vice versa.

Have a Taste of Salt : Try a sprinkle of salt if you’re going for a long run such as a marathon to restore the lost electrolytes

When to See a Doctor : Even though it’s normal to come across a side stitch while running, you have to be attentive in case the side pain reaches your left shoulder; it might me a sign of a possible heart attack. Moreover, if the pain resides all the time, check with your doctor for the fear of a problem with your intestine’s blood flow.

How to Avoid and Heal a Side Stitch

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