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How To Apply Mascara Professionally In Five Steps

Mascara is an essential part in the eye makeup, when it is applied correctly it makes your eyes look inviting and accentuate your look, but if any mistake was done while applying it then the whole look may end up looking messy. Check out how to avoid mistakes while applying mascara.

1- Start With An Eyelashes Curler.

Many women do this mistake where they apply mascara on straight lashes, it is important to use the eyelashes Curler first before applying mascara, it lofts up your lashes a bit and make your eyes look more open and bigger, it is especially important for those who have thin lashes that are barely noticeable, after you curl your lashes then you can move on to applying mascara.

2- Choose The Right Mascara.

You should learn how to choose the right mascara that suits you, if you want your makeup to last longer than a waterproof mascara may be the most convenient, you may want to make your lashes thicker or longer, there are different types of mascaras so you will need to take the pain to choose the right mascara that will suit your look and give you the desired look.

3- Mind The Directions.

The directions of applying mascara can make a whole lot of difference, opt to powder your lashes first before applying the mascara so it lasts longer, also opt to apply the mascara from the roots going upwards, coat for the first time then let it dry and then apply a second coat.

4- Go The Right Way.

The right way to apply a mascara is to go from the outer side for your template moving inward towards your nose, this way you will give your lashes the right look.

5- Your Lower Lashes.

Don’t apply as much mascara on your lower lid lashes like you do with the upper one, after you finish coating your upper lashes, don’t dip the brush back in the mascara just use the remainder to coat your lower lid lashes.

How To Apply Mascara Professionally In Five Steps

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