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How to Apply Hair Dyes Safely

Hair dyes, like other beauty products, are filled with chemicals that can affect your body if not used safely. Beauty products are tested for safety, yet a few hair dye brands are tested similarly. The chemicals found in hair dyes may contribute to conditions ranging from allergic reactions to cancers. That is why it is recommended to postpone dyeing your hair until it’s totally grey or use the hair dyes as little as possible.
Before dyeing your hair, make sure you follow the next instructions:

1. Don’t include your eyebrows or eyelashes in the dyeing procedure. Dyeing near the eye increases the risk of dye chemicals reaching the eye and causing severe conditions as bad as blindness. It is worth mentioning that any irritation regarding the eye is unpleasant and may lead to dangerous infections.

2. Before dyeing your hair, make sure to perform a patch test for allergic reactions. The test is not only for the first time of dyeing, but is to be performed prior to each dyeing as dye brands differ in terms of their ingredients. The patch test consists of applying a little amount of the dye behind the ear and leaving it on for a couple of days. Lack of allergic reaction such as itching, redness or burning makes the dye somehow safe to use.

3. Use just one hair dye brand at a time. Apart from getting a crazy hair color, the mixing of dyes will result in crazily dangerous chemicals.

4. It is important to read and follow the instructions on the hair dye package precisely.

5. Put gloves on during application.

6. Rinse the dye off your hair as soon as the specified time finishes and not later. Make sure you rinse both your hair and scalp thoroughly with water.

Since hair dyeing is a bit risky; consider appreciating your natural beauty. After all, what you believe about yourself is what reflects on the surface.

How to Apply Hair Dyes Safely

How to Apply Hair Dyes Safely

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