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How Ten Minutes Foot Massage Improves Your Health

After an exhausting day of long periods of standing up and walking around, a relaxing foot massage would be a great thing to end the day, foot massage won’t only help you relax and enjoy a deep sleep but will also benefit your body physically and mentally, listen below are some of the many therapeutic benefits of foot massage.

1- To Improve Your Circulation.

Spending long periods of time wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes can impair the circulation in the feet, plus feet muscles barely get any exercise specially if you have a sedentary job ,

a nice 10 to 20 minutes foot massage before going to bed will help improve the blood circulation in the feet which is specially important for diabetics who are at a high risk of peripheral neuropathy.

2- Improves Your Sleep Quality.

The challenges that you pass through everyday can keep your mind occupied and unable to rest which may cause you to suffer from insomnia, a foot massage or even better a whole body massage will help your mind to unwind and Sooth your body aches helping you to enjoy a sound sleep.

3- Fights Stress.

When certain reflexes in the feet are being touched or pressure is applied to them, a reaction takes place in the nervous system which promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

4- Reduces Swelling and Edema .

Edema is a swelling that occur in the feet due to bad circulation, sitting or standing for long periods of time or many other situations like pregnancy, ten minutes foot massage daily before going to bed helps in preventing edema and improving blood circulation.

Ten Minutes Foot Massage Improves Your Health

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