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How Stress Affect Your Physical Health

Stress has a massive effect on your life and health it is the root cause for several chronic diseases and it doesn’t only affect you physically but also psychologically, in order to eliminate stress from your life and lead a healthy happy life read on how stress can adversely affect your life so you start searching for ways to eliminate it.

1- Muscle Soreness.

One of the many ways stress can hurt you physically is muscle soreness and disorders, it is a natural respond from your body to stress, a few of the muscle disorders that can be traced back to excessive stress include muscles atrophy, muscles pain, muscles tension and musculoskeletal .

2- Asthma And Breathing Problems.

The natural respond of the body during stress is to breatheharder; this can cause asthma and other breathing problems especially for people who are suffering from emphysema or any other lungs disorder.

3- Heart Diseases.

The stress hormones which are adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol that get released when you are in a stressful situation cause your heart rate to spike as the heart is trying to pump more blood in a short time, the vessels tense up and blood pressure rapidly increase, when stress passes the heart gets back to normal, however prolonged periods of stress can affect the health of the heart specially in old people and premenopausal women who’s bodies are already producing less estrogen which makes them more susceptible to heart diseases.

4- Diabetes.

When you get stressed and your body produce cortisol and epinephrine two hormones that get produced during stress, your liver produce glucose in your bloodstream in order to give you energy to defend yourself, in most cases this glucose doesn’t get used because there is no one to fight or nothing to defend yourself at, the body then reabsorb that glucose back,

prolonged periods of stress can cause excess glucose in the bloodstream and in result diabetes, people who are more susceptibleā€ to that are those with a family history of diabetes or obese people.

Stress Affect Your Physical Health

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