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How Smoking Terribly Effect Your Health

If you are a smoker, the effects of smoking that will be presented on this article will make you seriously consider quiting as soon as possible. When you smoke even if you are still eating healthy which in most cases don’t happen and exercising everyday of the week smoking will still be damaging your body from the inside and the outside way more than exercising and healthy diet can repair. So read on the following and you will be able to visualize how terribly you are harming your body without any respect.

It Is Poising You From Inside.

Do you see this cigarette you are smoking, now visualize the smoke you inhale from the cigarette and your lungs is forced to expand and make space for all this poisoned air coming inside of it, it was supposed to welcome fresh and clean air but now unfortunately your lungs have to deal with at least 4000 harmful chemicals with every drag. Do you imagine now? That dirty air is taken then by your blood to every single vain feeding any tissue in your body, it goes to your gums, your brain, your fat, your muscles, even the tips of your toes, every where in your body just got poisoned.

How Smoking Show On Your Face.

We all are trying to prevent wrinkles as much as possible and it would be nice for all of us to hold on to our youth a little while longer, however smoking is one thing that will speed up all the aging signs that can appear on your face including wrinkles, you will end up looking old when you are still young, studied proved that those who start smoking by the age of 18 start getting aging signs by their mid twenties, imagine? As young as 25 years old and you are already looking old.
Other signs that will appear on your face very fast if you are a smoker include intense under eye bags, bad teeth, sagging skin, hair loss, uneven skin tone, deep wrinkles, lines around the lips and stained lips.

How Smoking Harm Your Body.

If you are still not satisfied with all the difficult effects of smoking on your face then here are just a few effects of smoking on your body, if you are a young smoker then you may not believe it as your body is still good at removing toxins and repairing itself to a certain extent, however that don’t last forever soon your body will be over taxed with all the chemicals and won’t be able to fight it anymore. The harmful effects of smoking on your body include an increase of fat storage around the waist, flappy skin, stained fingers, nail and teeth and developing Psoriasis.

The Effect Of Smoking On Your Inside.

• Increased Risk Of Sickness, smokers become more prone to different diseases and specially common cold and flu and they even tend to last longer in smokers than non smokers that happen because smoking disable the job of cilia in the respiratory system which are responsible to flush toxins out and keep the body healthy.
• Weak Lungs, smoking weakens the lungs we all know that but it also lead to serious lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis that can lead to death.
• Longer Healing Time, smokers take much longer to heal a wound than non smokers.
• Premature Menopause, women who smoke are more likely to have Premature Menopause, having the Menopause early can lead to heart diseases.
Pregnancy Problems, conceiving !at become extremely difficult for women who smoke specially if their partner smoke as well, even if they try to quit while trying to conceive it will still be hard, it may take them at least a year for their reproductive system to repair itself and get ready to carry a baby.
• Bad Circulation, if you are experiencing cold hands and feet all the time then this is a strong indicator that smoking has already harmed the quality of your blood circulation which lead to blood clot that can increase your risk of heart attacks and stroke.
• Weak Bones, smokers are more susceptible to develop bone problems like osteoporosis they also are more prone to bone breakage and it takes them even longer for their bones to heal.
So what do you think now? Dont you think that it is time to quit smoking for the sake of your health and those around you?

How Smoking Terribly Effect Your Health

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