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How Reading Triggers Weight Loss

How Reading Triggers Weight LossNot only is reading an exercise to the brain, it’s also an exercise to the entire body and a mean to lose weight. You may have trouble with training and tend to give up easily. Alternatively, you can turn yourself into a brain exercising bookworm, have a good time and shed off pounds at the same time!

Lose Weight by Turning Pages : Studies have shown that obese teenage girls who read a lot lost more weight than those who didn’t. Same positive results showed with adults. The fun part is that you lose weight while enjoying your time. It just might turn into a hobby!

Read as You Walk : It would be fun taking your book out for a walk. It helps you lose weight as well. If that’s difficult, you can use recorded books. Reading also goes along with the treadmill if it’s hard to walk and read outdoors. Another way to make fun out of the activity, get a reading buddy and go on walks discussing your favorite books.

Empower Your Brain : The simple task of absorbing information and rearranging them in your brain as you read requires lots of work and energy. This empowers your brain and improves your memory and cognitive capability. As you consume that much energy, your body loses weight in the process.

Reading Keeps You Happy : According to a study, 86% of people who read are stress-free and happier than those who don’t. Picking up a book after a long day and going through its pages leaves you more relaxed. As a result of being happy, you are more capable of sticking to your diet and exercising routine.

Reading Makes You Active : People who read tend to be more curious about the world. They want to travel places, visit museums, go to concerts and just go out. Every time you decide to get up, you’re moving and burning more calories.
How Reading Triggers Weight Loss

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