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How Melanin Is A Bless for the Health

Melanin is the natural substance that gives the skin, hair and iris of the eyes it’s pigmentations, cells called melanocytes located just beneath the other surface of the skin produces melanin, it is found in higher levels in those with darker skin, melanin is mainly important to protect the skin from the damage of the sun, however the benefits of melanin expands to other extends and are more enjoyed by those with darker skins.

Protective Function.

Being exposed to the sun for long periods without protection causes premature aging signs as well as skim cancers that vary in the severity from Basal cell carcinoma to melanoma which is an aggressive cancer that spreads rapidly.

Your ability to withstand the damage of the ultra violet radiation of the sun depend majorly on the levels of melanin in your skin, which is determined by the number of melanocytes that are beneath the surface of your skin, in even the most light-skin people the body’s melanocytes cells produce more melanin when exposed to the sun which create the effect of tanning, however there is a limit to the protection that melanin can provide and it is significantly greater in people with darker skin.

Younger Looking Skin.

It is noticeable that people of color tend to have a younger look to their lighter-skinned peers, that happens thanks to the high levels of melanin they have in their skin which helps in protecting them from short-term damage from the sun as well as long-term skin aging signs like deep wrinkles, rough surface and dark spots.

Fights Free Radicals.

Free radicals are believed to be the root cause for most of the cell damage in the human body, melanin is believed to fight free radicals and prevent their damage, hence prevent the different diseases that can be caused by free radicals like premature skin aging signs. The function of which melanin protect the skin from environmental damage depends on its effect on the delicate lipid that holds moisture in the outermost layer of the epidermis, if the skin looses this moisture, it becomes dry and cracks.

Disadvantages Of Melanin.

Despite the great benefit of increased melanin levels, there are also minor disadvantages to it, people that have more melanin have a more reactive skin, meaning that any skin problem whether it be rashes, pimple, acne, minor burn, scratch or any other minor skin problem stimulate an excess production in melanin levels leading to dark patches and uneven skin tone.

How Melanin Is A Bless for the Health

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