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How Long Should You Wait Before Shampooing?

Some people shampoo more frequently than others to maintain the cleanness of their hair; others shampoo much less in order to protect their hair from damage. Does shampoo really damage your hair? Find the answer to that question and know how long you should wait before shampooing by reading this article.

The Job of Shampoo

Shampoo works as an emulsifier which carries away excess oil, product residue and dirt away with it upon washing. Washing your hair excessively deprives it from the natural sebum oil that it produces. This dries out the hair, reduces its lushness and increases its vulnerability to breakage.

Hair Type and Duration between Shampooing

There is no need to shampoo daily unless you sweat a lot due to exercise or humidity, or you have very fine hair on an oily scalp. Dandruff is not always a sign of a dry scalp, so frequent shampooing is required for a scalp that is flaking from dirt. If you have thick hair and your scalp doesn’t produce much oil, you will need to shampoo less. Shampooing twice or three times a week can be enough for an average person. How you feel about the cleanliness of your hair will help you determine if you stayed too long before shampooing.

Shampooing and Styling Your Hair

Before you style your hair with heated styling tools or a blow-dryer, wash your hair very well to make sure that it is completely dirt free. This will ensure that you keep your hair style for the longest duration before washing. If you have a keratin treatment, you will need to wash your hair just once a week in order not to stress your hair.

Use dry shampoo spray on oily areas near the scalp to cleanse your hair between washes. No matter how you feel satisfied about your hair, you should not wait more than two weeks before shampooing.

How Long Should You Wait Before Shampooing

How Long Should You Wait Before Shampooing

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