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How Your Diet And Your Weight Affect The Regularity Of Your Periods

The first thing that comes to your mind when your period gets late, I mean really late for maybe a week or more is that you may be pregnant and while this could be an exciting time waiting for good news for some, it could be a terrifying time for others who are not planning to have an accidental pregnancy.

Before you panic or get your hopes up, there are many other reasons that could cause your period to get late at a month or more, your diet and your weight have a lot to do with the regularity of your periods and this is how it works.

1- Your Diet.

What you eat has a significant impact on your hormones, your monthly cycle works by a complex system that involves the brain, thyroid gland, pituitary gland and the Ovaries, they communicate together through little messengers that order your body to do the different phases of your cycle such as ovulating or thickening your Uterine lining and then shedding it.

These hormones and well-being of the glands are very dependent on what you eat. For example if you decide to go vegan all of a sudden that could contribute to consuming less amounts of lean protein which in turn could cause your insulin levels to get reduces hence your female sex hormones production get messed up, also eating foods that are high in its glycemic index like white flour and sweets could raise blood insulin and affect the production of your estrogen.

2- Your Weight.

Another reproductive hormones disrupter is your weight.
When you put on too much weight in a short phase of time that could alter the production of protein your brain which is a hormone that gets produced to make you stop eating and stimulate a feeling of satiety, once leptin is affected your reproductive hormones are affected.

On the other hand when you loose too much weight or have a lower body fat percentage than healthy levels then you are very likely to miss your period, estrogen requires a percentage of fat to be secreted, if you don’t have enough fat or if you start following a very restrictive diet all of a sudden then that could be the culprit to missing your period.

Diet And Your Weight Affect The Regularity Of Your Periods

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