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How Does Clove Oil Help With Acnes

Most acne treatments are not natural, they contain harsh chemicals and inorganic Ingredients that leave their impact on the skin and overall health later on. Clove oil is naturally extracted and can be used to treat Acnes,

however there might be some risk factors still, therefore it is important to consult your dermatologist before using anything new on your skin.

– Causes Of Acnes.
The American dermatology academy identifies three major contributors to Acnes which are, your skin produces too much oil, your skin sheds it’s cells which block the hair follicles, this cause bacterial infections that cause red painful swellings on the surface of the skin known as pimple and in order to correctly and safely treat Acnes you need to address all three contributors, reduce oil production, exfoilate excess cells and fight bacterial infections.

– How Clove Oil Helps.
You may think it is wrong to apply oil to your skin which is already oil however experts think it is worth it, Clove Oil contain a substance called eugenol, which act as antibacterial properties,

some studies investigated the effectively of Clove oil treating Acnes and trials came back positive Clove Oil kill infections, reduce swelling and numb pain.

– Potentials.
While the safety of Clove Oil on oily skin is still undetermined, the researches and trials done with Clove Oil does show promises in treating Acnes and warding off bacterial infections on the skin and it can be used as an additional therapeutic agent to treat Acnes, however it is not considered an adequate treatment to Acnes just by itself.

Clove Oil Help With Acnes

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