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How Chronic Inflammation Is Related To Weight Gain And How To Control It

Recently many clinical studies have been made to determine whether or not weight gain has anything to do with inflammation, Inflammation is a destructive process that occurs in the body when the immune system constantly produce inflammatory compounds, although science is still trying to figure out how exactly weight gain can be linked to chronic inflammation, some researches assured that maintaining a healthy weight reduce the risk of chronic inflammation significantly.

A study that was made by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008, researchers studied 9 years of observations on 1.222 patients, the study found a strong link between weight gain and the increase of chronic inflammation, this is maybe why weight gain is associated with heart diseases and cancers which both are related to inflammation.

However a report from the Journal Obesity in 2010 stated that having a healthy diet that is rich in fiber, fish, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts while avoiding trans-fatty-acids and red meats can contribute to lowering your risk of inflammation while aiding in weight loss.
Another 2006 study by the Journal Sports Medicine indicated that regular high physical activities were strongly related to the reduction of the production of C-reactive protein which is a marker for inflammation.
How Chronic Inflammation Is Related To Weight Gain And How To Control It