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Find Out How Cholesterol Is Actually Good For You

There are alot of myths revolving around cholesterol and whether it is good for our bodies or not, but what is widely believed is that, our cholesterol levels should be in check otherwise the risk of heart diseases are increasing, however too low levels of HDL cholesterol which is commonly known as the “good cholesterol” have been associated to Alzheimer’s, dementia and other memory loss diseases.

A scientific study was made on 3.500 civil servants to figure out how HDL Cholesterol is associated with memory, the study found the HDL Cholesterol had an effect on the formation of some type of plaque called beta-amyloid which is always found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

HDL Cholesterol also provides a protection against heart diseases that are caused as a result of narrowing arteries due to plaque formations that is caused by bad diet for many years.

After the five years the study concluded that people with low levels of HDL Cholesterol were 53% more susceptible to developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in old ages than those with high levels of HDL cholesterol.

Bottom line is that, cholesterol is not harmful for our bodies as we are falsely convinced by media and drug corporations, in fact cholesterol goes in the formation of every cell of your body and it is specially vital for the formation of your memory and neurological processing, it is also important for many other vital processes in your body such as producing normal levels of hormones, absorbing vitamin D, producing cell membranes and bile acids, in fact low levels of cholesterol is what can be harmful for your health, there are many health risks associated with low cholesterol levels such as depression, memory loss, Parkinson disease, and doing several aggressive and violent behavior.

While cholesterol itself is not a disease, high levels of cholesterol is an indicator that there is something gone wrong in your body, so you don’t need to lower your cholesterol levels you actually need to find out what gone wrong with your body and fix it, you see what happens in that, when any cell of your body get damaged, your body produces cholesterol to repair it, so high levels of cholesterol indicated alot of damage to specific cells, which is mainly a result of inflammation caused by processed food, not enough raw fruits and vegetables, emotional stress, diet rich in fats and sugar or smoking.

So when you get diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol you don’t need to over drug yourself with chemicals to bring down your cholesterol levels and put yourself at a risk of more diseases, you just need to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits.
How Cholesterol Is Actually Good For You

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