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How Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Life?

Your blood type isn’t only something genetic that runs in your body, but it’s also something that has an effect on your health both mentally and psychologically. Although how this personality revealing way works is still unproven like horoscopes, the scientific researches about your physical health are quite valid. In this article, you will be finding out what your blood type has to say about who you are.

If your blood type is A
The antigens can determine the strength of a hormone that your body excretes. In your case, you have A antigens and the hormone that’s released most is the stress hormone meaning you are more stressful than the rest. The sadder news, though, is that people with blood type A are more prone to many cancer diseases. It’s not completely bad since people with this blood type don’t appeal very much to mosquitoes.

If your blood type is B
If your blood type is B then you might be known to be creative, strong, and energetic. It also comes with some negative traits such as selfishness and irresponsibility. Studies show that people with blood type B have a higher chance of ovarian cancer.

If your blood type is AB
People with this blood type are classified as level-headed, flexible and controlled. The side effects of that is that they can be dangerous and irresponsible as well. If a woman with this blood type is pregnant, then there are chances that she’ll be prone to blood pressure issues such as pre-eclampsia.

If your blood type is O
Opposite to those of blood type A, those with blood type O are actually in mosquitoes’ favorite! People with this blood type are more apt to ulcers than the rest. Personality wise, this blood type accompanies confidence and spontaneous nature but it can also bring along egotistical and erratic behavior.

Blood Type Affect Your Life

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