Your Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

Are you a fan of extra pipping hot tea or coffee? A tongue burn is not only the side effect for shipping super-hot drinks.

In a recent research published by the International Agency for Research On Cancer, sipping on super-hot drinks like tea or coffee can actually increase your risk of cancer could you imagine?

Here’s the whole story: a team of 23 experienced international scientists analyzed all the available data found on carcinogenicity of hot beverages like the coffee, the results of the research found that, sipping on anything higher than the temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit can be carcinogenic to humans, that pits your favorite extra hot latte at the same category as exposure to lead fumes.

Drinking hot drinks even healthy like herbal teas or soups cause scalding in the esophageal tube which makes you more vulnerable to develop esophageal cancer.

The research arise the attention to an important matter, it is important to pay attention how hot the beverages you drink are water boil at 212 degrees so it is advised to let your coffee or tea to cool down for a while before you start sipping on it to prevent the carcinogenic risk, the same applies for eating very hot food without giving it a chance to cool, super-hot foods can also carry the same risk.

No link between drinking the same drinks but cooled and cancer was found though so your best bet is iced tea and coffee and if that is not available then just be sure to allow your soups, tea and coffee to cool down and get to warm before you attempt to start drinking it.

Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

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