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The Horrible Ways Stress Can Harm Your Health

Once you find out how stress can harm your body and health, you will start recognizing the important to control your stress. Stress affect negatively the body system like reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, immune and muscular systems. However stress is an undeniable part of our lives, and there is no magic pill to keep it under control, we must learn to be creative and find solutions to manage stress, below we will present to you a list of some of the horrible ways stress can harm your health so read on.

1- Insomnia.

One of the ways stress can harm you is by keeping you awake until late hours of the night, if you are having troubles falling or staying asleep then you must start exercising every night at least two hours before you go to bed, exercising is also a good mechanism to eliminate stress. Also avoid any caffeine after 4 pm or refined sugar.

2- Depression.

Depression is another result stress for long time can lead to, depression can lead to over eating and over sleeping which both lead to serious health issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes, depression also make you feel to be alone and lose the desire to indulge in social activities.

3- Migraines.

Migraines is a condition where you feel strong pain in one side of your head, sometimes the pain can last for a few hours and sometimes a few days, extreme pain can lead to sensitivity from light, movement and sound and cal lead to nausea and vomiting.

4- Stomachaches.

There is a strong link between your brain and your stomach, once you start feeling stress there would always be stomachaches associated, they say that the stomach is a second brain. Stress can also lead to intolerance of foods you used to eat easily and tolerate before.

5- Inflammations.

When you are stressed, your body start producing more adrenaline and absorb more oxygen to help you deal with the stress, it also produce a hormone called cortisol, this hormone is very acidic, it also increase harmful free radicals in the body which increase the risk for joint and muscle tissues inflammations.

6- Neck And Back Pain.

When you are under stress and you can’t acknowledge it, your body will unconsciously translate it into some type of pain, usually the pain would be in the super back or neck because these are the muscles that get tensioned the most during stress.

7- Irregular Periods.

Stress mess up with the reproductive system of the woman as it lead to more production of testosterone (male sex hormone) which can cause you to miss your period, have a very light or very heavy period, it can also affect libido and as a result affect your relationship.

8- High Blood Pressure.

Not only bad eating habits can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure but also prolonged stress, when your heart is trying to push more blood and do more work that it is used to, high blood pressure can lead to several heart diseases and even heart attacks and strokes.

9- Rashes And Breakouts.

As we explained above, when you are under stress specially for longer time your brain start producing a hormone known as cortisole, this horning is very harmful for the skin specially and it cause premature aging signs.

The Horrible Ways Stress Can Harm Your Health

The Horrible Ways Stress Can Harm Your Health The Horrible Ways Stress Can Harm Your Health The Horrible Ways Stress Can Harm Your Health

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