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Home Remedies To Alleviate Fever

If Every time you get a fever you pop a pill, you will fill your body with all the undesired side effects, specially for children, medication should be the last solution, try these natural remedies to alleviate a fever and they should help.

1- Basil AndNeem.

Both herbs have the ability to reduce body temperature and fight off bacterial infections that could be the reason behind the fever, boil some basil leaves with neem leaves in water for fifteen minutes, strain and drink a cup of that tea three times a day, they should help with mild fever.

2- Garlic and Olive Oil.

Garlic is a magical healing agent of the nature, mix a few drops of garlic oil with one teaspoon of olive oil and massage that mixture on your foot sole, make sure you get the oil to penetrate the skin cells then cover with cling film and a warm towel on top of it for fifteen minutes, this remedy is very effective in treating colds and flu specially for children.

3- Cold Water Compresses.

The most traditional way to bring down a fever is by placing cold compresses over the forehead for a few minutes, fill a bowl with ice water along with some cubes of ice and two tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, dip a cloth or a towel in there, get rid of any excess water and place the towel over the forehead for a few minutes hen repeat.

4- Raisins and Apple Juice.

This may sound new to you but it can actually work wonders, just boil one handful of raisins in two cups of water for fifteen minutes, strain the water, allow to cool and add half a cup of Apple juice to that and drink from it three times a day, it helps in alleviating cough during the night as well.

5- Lemon And Honey.

Both Ingredients have the ability to fight infections and bring down body temperature. In a small glass mix one teaspoon of honey with the juice of half a lemon and some grated ginger or ginger powder and take at least four times a day.

Home Remedies To Alleviate Fever

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