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Five Highest Foods in Cholesterol To Avoid

You don’t have to be a nutrition expert to know that eating fried foods on daily basis can increase your cholesterol levels and put you at risk of heart diseases. Cholesterol mainly present in foods with saturated fats and Trans fats which present in most processed foods, besides the cholesterol, processed and fried foods contain sodium, and fat and cancergenic chemicals.
According to the American Heart Aviation, foods that come from animals like meat and dairy products contain saturated fats while baked, fast and fried foods contain trans fats.
Here’s a list of the highest foods in cholesterol to avoid.

1- eggs.

The yolk in the eggs is what contains the cholesterol, so you can either eat two egg whites instead of a whole egg or reduce the other sources of cholesterol when you choose to have egg for your breakfast.
Eggs are a healthy choice and can easily fit in a heart-healthy diet if accompanied with the right types of foods.

2- Cheeseburger.

You might be just like any regular person and would want to have lunch from a fast food restaurant once in every while, but a regular large cheeseburger can contain a whooping 85 to 175 mg of cholesterol and if you add shakes and fries or double on the cheese then you may be doubling the amount of cholesterol you are having. But if you really crave burgers then just make then right in your home with low fat minced beef.

3- Mac and Cheese.

This is the typical comfort food we all crave from time to time, but the main ingredients, whole milk, butter and cheese in this recipe can make it big source of saturated fats and cholesterol. But a little twist in the ingredients, Mac and cheese can be an enjoyable meal with less than half the calories and cholesterol the traditional recipe provides. Just substitute evaporated milk and low fat or skimmed milk for whole milk and butter and choose low fat cheese.

4- Rip-Eye Steak Cuts.

What could be better than rip-eye steak for dinner, but even with all the fats trimmed and cooked on the grill without fat, a rip-eye steak can take a big proportion of your daily allowance of cholesterol and fat for the day, having it along on your plate can take 20 of your daily allowance of fat and 22 of cholesterol which doesn’t leave a room for other appetizers or meals for the rest of the day. If you really can’t cut off beef from your diet then consider having more tender cuts like tenderloin, tip steak, rump or round.

5- Liver.

Liver is packing a lot of iron which is good for your health, but it also packs too much cholesterol, the cholesterol is made and stored in the liver and most of the animal cholesterol is found in organs like the liver and kidneys so skip this high cholesterol food if you are already a cholesterol patient.

Five Highest Foods in Cholesterol To Avoid.

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