Hidden Dirty Spots at Your Home You Didn’t Know About

Do you always make sure your house is spotless clean? Do you constantly wash your hands with soap and water? You may think your house is safe and germ free; to your surprise, we may locate germs in the most unexpected places around your house. Here are the top dirty spots in your home:

The Remote Control and Computer Keyboard

Our TV remote control and computer keyboard is at our hands at all times. We eat, cough, sneeze, hold the remote, and type at the same time. Our remote may be dropped or stuffed in the most unforeseen places. No wonder they hold massive amounts of germs. Consider wiping the keys with alcohol wipes from time to time.

The Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink is the place you leave food plates, along with stuck food particles on. The food with the moisture is a place where harmful bacteria like salmonella and E. coli can live. If you don’t take measures to clean it, your kitchen sink may be even dirtier than your toilet bowl. Wash your kitchen sink with bleach every day.

The Bathtub

Studies show that your bathtub is not nearly as clean as you think it is. If you don’t clean your bathtub with bleach and dry it after every shower, you’ll be left with dangerous germs, bacteria, fungus and fecal matter lying about.

The Toothbrush

Do you make sure to wash your teeth twice a day? Perfect. Where do you keep your toothbrush afterwards? As you put down your toothbrush damp in the bathroom, it attracts all sorts of germs to its dampness on top of the ones from your mouth. After you finish brushing your teeth, wash the toothbrush well and place it somewhere with air to dry. Never place it near the toilet seat and close the toilet lid as you flush.

Hidden Dirty Spots at Your Home You Didn’t Know About