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You cannot live your life as per anyone else’s values, expectations or ideals; you must choose to live your own life. Every time you suppress a desire to create, have fun or try something new, you shut down the source of a fulfilling life by repressing the life force energy within you.

The long term consequence of not living your life the way you really want to live it – is depression. Live life from your heart so that it is worth living; you must get rid of the concept of good and bad or right and wrong and discover your own personal truth that is not influenced by anything or anyone, provided that it does not hurt you or others.

Living with depression is like having an invisible disability that affects every aspect of your life. You can have success that would last for weeks but that dark cloud will always return, and you can never experience joy and peace with yourself unless you find permanent cure.

People who express their true selves lovingly are not depressed; they go through life dancing and singing because they have made the choice to disregard what others might think. Joyful people know that what they feel and think about themselves is all that matters.

These people have the deepest sense of gratitude for living the best possible lives they could have imagined, and you can make the very same choice. Your depression is a result of a history of oppression and you will remain powerless to heal yourself as long as you blame the outside world.

Turn your attention toward expression; it is the way to climb out of the pits of depression. It is often difficult to get in touch with self- expression when you are depressed, but you will make progress with the small steps you take consistently.


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