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Hemorrhoids 24 Hours Natural Cure

Have you heard about the 24 hours hemorrhoid treatment?

It is as effective as surgeries, you will only need natural ingredients that includes.
Apple cider vinegar.
– Rutin.
– Vitamin B6.

. Rutin is a plant extract commonly known as fast hemorrhoid cure.

It was reported by many people that this remedy was an effective cure, however the longer the hemorrhoid is the more applications will be required and the longer the treatment will take.

If you are pregnant, you can safely try this remedy, however still be sure to consult your doctor first, because applying the remedy to the hemorrhoid or inserting some of it into the back passage will be absorbed by the body just like oral consumption.

The remedy can be safely applied to internal and external hemorrhoids whether it is bleeding or prolapsed, the remedy will helps in stoping the bleeding immediately.

How To Use The Remedy?

Soak a small cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and apply it to the external and internal hemorrhoids for 30 minutes by leaving the cotton ball in place and inserting it slightly inside, when you remove the cotton ball the hemorrhoid will be already shrunk.

. For the remedy to work on the internal hemorrhoids you will have to get the apple cider vinegar in contact with the internal hemorrhoids, in this case try this way.
Freeze some apple cider vinegar into the size and shape of a small suppository , you can use an empty package of a suppository to get a proper result, make sure there is no pointy edges.
When the apple cider vinegar is frozen, remove it from the package, and gently insert it in the back passage after lubricating it with a water based lubricant.
Hold it in for ten minutes to allow it to melt and get absorbed by the body then release it, repeat this remedy three times in 24 hours to shrink your internal hemorrhoids.

Warnings and Precarious.

.Always consult your doctor before trying any home remedy.
.If you start experiencing a stingy pain that persists or gets worse then remove the treatment and rinse the area with sufficient warm water.
.Before applying the apple cider vinegar internally, try to apply a small amount of it externally for half an hour to monitor whether or not your body will react against it.

How To Use Rutin To Shrink Hemorrhoids.

The treatment with rutin will require a period of at least three day, where you will take 500 mg of Rutin everyday orally. If you are pregnant avoid this treatment or consult your doctor about how safe it is.

Treat and Prevent Hemorrhoids with Vitamin B6.

If you have a B6 vitamin deficiency then you are highly likely to experience hemorrhoids and anal fissures. To prevent hemorrhoids specially during pregnancy, take 100 mg B6 vitamin supplement after you consult your doctor, you will start noticing that your generous are shrinking three to five weeks with regular consumption.

Hemorrhoids 24 Hours Natural Cure

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