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7 Helpful Tips to get thick and long hair

There are many factors responsible for hair growth. The most important and assure way to help hair growth is taking care of your hair, giving it the support and protecting it from things that can make it weak. Here are some great advices to help you care for your hair and make it become thicker.

– Do not treat your hair cruelly as your hair is so delicate and you can easily lose much of it. You should be delicate with your hair if you want it to be thick and long.

– Use shampoo which is void of sulphate. Instead, use shampoo with natural elements. Also, don’t wash your hair daily. Three times a week will be more suitable.

– You should always moisturize your hair. You should apply conditioner every time you get your hair washed. You may also apply a hair mask once weekly. Conditioned hair looks prettier and grows longer.

– You should brush your hair in a right way. To pass around oils in your hair, brush it in a regular way from the top to the bottom. You should use wide toothed hair brush to remove tangles without tugging at it.

– You should use hot oil every week to nurture the hair and give it moisture. Some of the best oils are olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil.

– Food also is very important for hair growth. Your food should contain a lot of protein and omega- 3 fatly acids as salamon and nuts. Also, amino acids are very effective for hair growth. They exist in eggs, nuts, seeds, oats and whole grains.

– Avoid the buildup of hair products. Use a shampoo which cleans out this build up. Also, use the conditioner to condition and nourish the hair.

Tips to get thick and long hair

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