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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

A lot of people find themselves suffering from being underweight. Similar to being obese, being too skinny causes deterioration to a person’s overall health. Underweight individuals look for means to gain weight in a manner similar to individuals who try to gain weight in order to build up muscles. This article is to show you how to do that in a simple and healthy way.

How to diagnose an underweight person?

Calculate your body mass index with a BMI calculator. A BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight, 25 is overweight and 30 is obese.

How does being underweight affect your health?

Obesity is popular and may cause a lot of health problems. However, being underweight is found to cause even worse consequences and has a higher chance of ending up with death. Consequences of being underweight include a weak immune system, osteoporosis, fertility problems and death.

What causes a person to be underweight?

When you find yourself losing too much weight without trying, you may need to see a doctor since this may be a result of an underlying health condition. Such conditions include thyroid problems, diabetes, celiac disease, infections, cancer and eating disorders that may be due to a serious mental problem.

How to gain weight fast and healthy?

1. Consume more calories than you burn in a day

Calculate your calorie needs with a calorie calculator and eat 300-500 calories more than that to gain weight slowly or 700-1000 to gain weight fast.

2. Eat plenty of carbohydrates and fat

You may have to eat at least three energy-dense meals full of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

3. Eat high protein foods

Eating enough proteins will help your body turn the food you eat into muscles instead of fat.

4. Lift weights

Weight lifting is extremely necessary when you’re trying to gain weight in order to make sure that the calories you consume go to your muscles. Cut down on the cardio as it’ll bun what you consumed.

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Quickly

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