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Healthy Foods That Can Wreck Your Diet

Cutting back on junk and fatty food is the first step towards weight loss, however sometimes the healthy alternatives you choose could be loaded with fats and calories that could still cause you to put on weight, that is why sizes and portions matter with weight loss, reding nutritional values and calories content of each type of food is also very important.

Below I brought you the healthy foods that could be meeting your diet up and other helpful alternatives.

1- Avocados.
Avocados is super food, it is loaded with healthy nutrients that benefit so much your heart and body, loads of antioxidants and heart healthy mono unsaturated fats, however if you want to lose eight you may need to watch your intake of avocados, one avocado could contain as much as 350 calories that means your beloved guacamole salad is more than a snack indeed it could be enough for a while meal.

2- Dried Fruits.
Dried fruits are normal fruits that had the water dried out of them however they contain eight times more calories than fresh fruits, for example one cup of grapes contain 60 calories while a cup of raisins contain 460 calories.

3- Veggie Burgers.
Veggie burgers is yes lower in calories than regular beef burger patties however it is easy to boost the calories by the needed additions like cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.

4- Tofu.
Tofu is packed with iron, calcium and protein however they could sponge up oil and easily turn your healthy meals into a calorie bomb.

5- Cereal.
Starting your day with a bowl of cereal could provide you with loads of whole grains, protein and fiber as well as loading you up with sodium and sugar.

Healthy Foods That Can Wreck Your Diet

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