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Healthy foods for gaining weight

If you are thin and you want to gain some weight there are some kinds of food that can help you. Of course, there are some medicines that may help you gain weight but these medicines may be dangerous to your health. So, it’s better to try these foods to help you put on some weight without harm.

1) Potatoes: They are the perfect choice for gaining weight as they are rich in fiber and vitamin C. Also, potatoes keep the body and the skin tightened. In addition, they contain certain amino acids necessary for gaining weight.

2) Bread and whole grains: They are natural sources of carbohydrates. But, it’s not advisable to have white bread because it doesn’t contain any nutritional value. On the other hand, normal brown bread is rich in fiber and carbohydrates that help to gain weight easily and in a healthy way.

3) Peanut butter: It is very delicious and aids in gaining weight easily. It gives the body energy as well as 200 calories as it is high in proteins.

4) Cheese: It is known for containing large amounts of fat in all its types. Therefore, it is good for gaining weight. Also, cheese is rich in minerals and vitamins as well as proteins which cause gaining weight in a healthy way.

5) Butter: You can replace oil with butter to help you gain weight. But, having a lot of it has negative effect on health and therefore when you reach the required weight, you should replace it immediately with olive oil.

6) Eggs: One of the most popular foods for gaining weight. Eat 4 eggs daily to help you gain weight effectively.

7) Avocado: It is a delicious fruit that contains about 140 calories. In addition, it is rich in potassium, vitamins and folic acid.

Healthy foods for gaining weight

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