• Behaviors that Help in Fighting Depression

    10 Behaviors that Help in Fighting Depression

    The death of Robin Williams is an eye-opener that explains that no matter how successful one gets or no matter how many people he made smile, he himself might suffer from depression. Read through the article to know how to fight depression or help a loved one fight this potentially dangerous condition. Depression doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown, or someone surrounded with family and someone living alone. Individuals who suffer from depression do not seem to see any hope in the future and their condition may go unnoticed and unresolved until they find refuge in suicide. 10. Confront the Past Regardless of how many achievements one accomplishes, if we don’t confront our…

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  • Home Remedies to Relieve Acne

    8 Effective Home Remedies to Relieve Acne

    Acne is an annoying skin problem that is hard to tackle. Nevertheless, nature is full of effective ingredients that can relieve acne and help you have a beautiful, clear skin. Natural ingredients can be used in home remedies which are amazing for many reasons like being affordable, effective and mostly safe. Figure out what to use of home remedies and how to use them to relieve acne by reading the following points: 8. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner Applying apple cider vinegar on the skin regulates its pH and detoxes it. The lactic and malic acids available in the vinegar can be used as a toner all over the body to soften and exfoliate the skin, and relieve acne. Before applying…

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  • Top 10 Ways How Microorganisms and Parasites Helped Humanity

    Top 10 Ways How Microorganisms and Parasites Helped Humanity

    What’s the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the words “Microorganisms and Parasites”? Danger, sickness, harm? How about life-saving? Yes, various microbes help us survive on a daily basis. They exist in immense amounts and got a fair number of benefits to humans. But what are these benefits? Check our top 10 list of ways notorious beings are beneficial to humans. 10- Recycling Bacteria play a vital role in recycling nutrients. In decomposition, bacteria recycle nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon from complex organic molecules contained in dead animals and plants. Without this cycle, we wouldn’t have any of these valuable nutrients and we would be surrounded by accumulated dead bodies. Bacteria are also used in…

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  • Informative Facts About Diabetes

    Top 8 Informative Facts About Diabetes

    Diabetes is spreading like wild fire all over the globe. Almost all of us know at least one person who suffers from the sugary condition. Although diabetes is affiliated with high blood sugar, the condition is not so sweet when it comes to its undesirable effects which can be prevented with care. Since it is necessary to know about the enemy, read the following informative facts about diabetes. 8. Ancient Evil Diabetes Mellitus has a history long before it got its name. The symptom of frequent urination was first recorded in ancient Egyptian Ebers papyrus dating to 1550 B.C. During that period Indian physicians also recognized the condition and called it “madhumeha” meaning “honey urine”. Diabetes Mellitus is a Greek…

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  • Top Ten Weirdest Medical Conditions

    Top Ten Weirdest Medical Conditions

    Sometimes reality shocks us with conditions that are weirder than fiction. The list here gather ten of the weirdest medical conditions that you won’t see every day. If you have other suggestions share them with us in comments. 10. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Fictions such as Alice in Wonderland and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels feature dwarfed characters such as the Lilliputs. From these fictions micropsia, a neurological condition is often called Alice in Wonderland syndrome or Lilliput sight because suffers of the condition perceive living and non-living objects much smaller than normal. 9. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Exposure to electromagnetic fields is unavoidable these days and this is very unfortunate to those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Another unfortunate detail about this…

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  • Most Stunning Medical Breakthroughs

    10 of the Most Stunning Medical Breakthroughs

    Scientific research is progressing exponentially and consequently so are medical breakthroughs. There are many factors to thank for this blessing such as the developed technology that facilitates experimentation, communication and execution of ideas. It is always good to have more knowledge, so check out the following ten stunning medical breakthroughs and tell us your opinion in comments. 10. New Hope for Women With Poor Eggs Ovarian insufficiency where women produce poor quality eggs is one of several reasons to infertility. Fortunately, Stanford University researchers are curing the condition using a process called in-vitro activation. The process involves taking an ovary or a part of ovarian tissue then treating it with proteins to aid the development of immature follicles into mature…

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  • Top 7 Medical Checkups You Must Do

    Top 7 Medical Checkups You Must Do

    “Better safe than sorry” is a popular saying that can be applied to many life situations especially our health. There are several medical checkups that will help you apply this saying and take the necessary precautions to maintain the most priceless gift you have, your health. You don’t have to do all the medical checkups at once, but doing them and getting your dear ones to do them every once in a while will increase the chances of avoiding serious medical conditions that you don’t want to go through. 7. Fibrinogen A blood test checking for fibrinogen levels is vital because an increase in fibrinogen caused by tissue inflammation primarily contributes to blood clotting. The dangers of blood clotting include…

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  • Best Effective Home Remedies

    7 of the Best Effective Home Remedies

    We are often faced with health conditions which can be cured at home yet we don’t know how to deal appropriately with them. This article provides you with effective home remedies which will save time and money that you spend to go for a physician. Note that the following remedies are for simple conditions, if you have a severe condition head for a physician and avoid remedies that involve substances that you are allergic to. 7. Getting Rid of Dandruff Individuals who have a dandruff problem face a lot of embarrassing situations even though dandruff is neither dangerous nor contagious. Eating a healthy diet and getting some exposure to the sun are recommended to handle dandruff. Tea tree oil is…

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