• 5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

    5 Amazing Benefits for Tea You Have Never Heard about before

    Nowadays, The world now is raving about how healthy tea is and how amazing are its benefits and how wondrous are the antioxidants it contains…..etc. we all know how refreshing and thirst quenching tea is. How it is good for cleaning teeth and fighting cavities. How great are its antioxidants at fighting several diseases. However, we will not discuss the benefits of tea for your body here since you already know all about them by now. We will talk about some of the amazing benefits of tea other than the ones you get by drinking. 1- You can make your very own hair wash from any type of tea you have at home. It will clean your hair thoroughly and…

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  • Lose some of your weight easily without going to any GYM

    Lose some of your weight easily without going to any GYM

    Many of us suffer from extra weight and we are unable to do a lot of effort to lose weight. What we always do is following a harsh diet system which we quit after a little while. We always believe that we have to go to GYM and to do hard exercises to lose weight. However, there are some easy ways that can help us in losing weight without great effort or hard exercises. Eating more protein Proteins can help you reduce the amount of food you eat. They give you a feeling of satisfaction that will stop you from eating much. As an example, you can add eggs to your breakfast instead of heavy grains to help you eat…

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  • After reading this, you will definitely omit refined sugar from your food

    After reading this, you will definitely omit refined sugar from your food

    The craving for sugar is an old natural instinct. People in the past were always interested in sweet foods to give them energy and to help them store fats in their body. Nowadays we discovered that sugar is called the white poison. When we add refined sugar to our food we don’t get any benefits, we only have some more useless calories. Here you will know more about the disadvantages of refined sugar. • Refined sugar always combines with proteins in the body resulting in reducing the elasticity of the skin. So, if you consume a lot of sugary foods, the signs of aging will appear early on your skin. • Refined sugar destroys your immune system and makes it…

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  • How To Keep Your Mind Always Sharp At Any Age

    How To Keep Your Mind Always Sharp At Any Age

    Everybody experience memory lapses in different times and occasions, maybe you went into the kitchen but can’t remember why, or can’t remember a familiar name during a family conversation, these lapses can occur at any age and they are not caused by aging exactly, cognitive decline or significant memory loss when occur in older people mainly happen as a result of brain injury or neurological illnesses and that explains why many old people still have good functioning memories. Studies have shown that applying a few changes to your lifestyle can effectively reduce your risk of cognitive decline as you age and put you at a safe side of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, good health habits like having enough sleep,…

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  • What is The Job of Vitamin C in the Body

    What is The Job of Vitamin C in the Body?

    What Is Vitamin C? Vitamin C or also known as ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin that works as a powerful antioxidant, it is abundant in most fruits and vegetables, it helps to maintain the connective tissue in the body cells including the bones, blood vessels and skin. . What Does Vitamin C Do? Vitamin C has a great importance for the body’s overall health, it helps to repair and regenerate tissues, protect against heart diseases, reduce total and bad LDL cholesterol, helps in the absorption of iron and other minerals, prevent scurvy, researchers also indicated that vitamin C can help in preventing or reducing the risk of several types of cancer by combating the free radicals in the bloodstream…

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  • Don't Reheat These Foods They Can Be Poisonous When Reheated

    Don’t Reheat These Foods They Can Be Poisonous When Reheated

    With the presence of microwaves in our lives, reheating leftovers sound convenient, who wants to spend two hours cooking after a long tiring day of work? While reheating leftovers does save time, effort and even money, it could pose a danger to your health when it comes to certain types of foods. It was proven scientifically that reheating certain types of foods can be poisonous, below is a list of the foods that shouldn’t be reheated, so the next time you cook them just make sure you only cook enough to eat immediately. 1- Spinach. It is not safe to reheat spinach, so eat it all once it is ready, spinach was found to have nitrates that transfer into nitrites…

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  • Common Pregnancy Problems That Are Not Dangerous

    Common Pregnancy Problems That Are Not Dangerous

    Pregnancy is a big deal for your body to deal with, some of the changes that happen to your body may cause some discomfort or irritation, but most of these symptoms are considered a normal part of the pregnancy. Here’s a list of the common pregnancy discomforts and how to ease them. – Constipation. You may start experiencing constipation early in your pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that slow down the movement of the intestines. In order to avoid constipation consider exercising gentle exercises like walking every day. Also incorporate foods that are rich in fiber in your diet. Moreover, avoid iron supplements as they may worsen the constipation, ask your doctor if you can manage without it. –…

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  • Avoid Those Brain Damaging Daily Habits

    Avoid Those Brain Damaging Daily Habits

    The brain is the organ that is responsible for all body functions, so you need to make sure to keep it safe and protected, there are daily habits that have a damaging effect on our brains, ditch those habits to keep your brain health protected. Here’s a list of the brain damaging daily habits we all have. 1- Being Bored. The brain needs stimulation to maintain its health. Neuroplasticity is the ability to think and learn different things, it is also the ability to retain memories and make new connections, lack of intellectual stimulation for the brain will cause it to slowly atrophy. 2- Skipping Breakfast. A study conducted in Japan claim that those who habitually skip on breakfast are…

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  • How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

    How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

    How to make your kids eat vegetables and love them? is a question that most mommies ask themselves at some point of their daily lives, making your children eat their vegetables will ensure that they are getting the needed nutrients and fibers to grow healthy physically and mentally but unfortunately it often happens when you see your kids playing around with the vegetables served on their plate, leaving them or even throwing them in the pin. Forcing them to eat it or talking about it often may get them to be even more stubborn so how can you solve this problem? Here are a few tips to encourage your kids to eat all their vegetables everyday with joy. – Start…

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  • Four Ways Baking Soda Can Enhance Your Beauty

    Four Ways Baking Soda Can Enhance Your Beauty

    There’s one ingredient that you will surely find in your kitchen cupboards that can work miracles to your skin, hair and nails, t is baking soda that will enhance your beauty in many different ways that we will present to you in the following list. 1- Treats Acnes. If you are suffering from acne breakouts, all you need is some baking soda and the problem will be solved, instead of using harsh chemical products that may worsen the problem, try applying a paste of baking soda mixed with water on the acne to fight the infection with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in baking soda. 2- Whitens Yellow Teeth. Another way baking soda can enhance your beauty…

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  • This Is Why You Should Start Including Sprouts To Your Diet

    This Is Why You Should Start Including Sprouts To Your Diet.

    Sprouts can be a very healthy addition to your diet, but unfortunately not a lot of people are aware of the nutritional benefits of sprouts, but now is the time to learn how healthy sprouts are for you, below is listed some of the health benefits of sprouts. 1- They Are Good Sources Of Fiber. Being rich in fiber they ensure that your body eliminates the fat and toxins in a really short time before they get reabsorbed by the wall of your intestines, that means that you journey to losing weight will be much shorter and easier. 2- They Are High In Protein. The protein content found is sprouts are very high, more over the quality of protein gets…

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  • Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees

    Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Elbows And Knees

    Darkened knees and elbows is a problem many women suffer from, especially when it comes to summer time or a special occasion, in order to lighten the shade of your knees and elbows again, here are a few effective and simple home remedies that will give you a considerable result in as short as three days only. 1- Moisturize and Exfoliate. Exfoliate gives a good result in getting rid of the old dark layer that is coating your knees and elbows and encourage the production of new cells in this area that look fresh and young, however make sure to moisturize the area before exfoliate it by rubbing olive oil before going to bed and moisturizing with a soft skin…

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  • What Your Food Cravings Really Tell About Your Health

    What Your Food Cravings Really Tell About Your Health

    Ever found yourself day dreaming about a certain type of food in the middle of a class or a work meeting? This is not hunger this is called cravings, cravings don’t only happen because you are hungry, they are also be messages your body are sending you to provide a certain nutrients you have been denying your body of for long time, so it is important to listen to your cravings and just so you don’t get confused, here are some popular cravings and what they mean. 1- Fried Chicken. If you find yourself craving fried chicken then you are either lacking on protein or needing and missing something, fried chicken is a comfort food so we may feel for…

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  • How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks

    How To Spot Fake Honey With Simple Tricks?

    Picking up the cheapest honey in the grocery stores will mean that you are not buying pure honey despite the false advertisements and labels. A recent Safety News public research provided very worrying facts about the honey found in the stores. Up to 76% of the honey found in supermarkets were collected and subjected to ultrafiltiring which is the process to remove impurities like wax pieces and pollen. Manufacturers say that the filtering process is important to prevent crystallization and increase the shelf life for the product, however most of the consumers are unaware that the pollen is incredibly important for our health. Another strong reason to avoid this process is to be able to trace and determine the geographical…

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  • Here's Why You Wake Up With Your Body Aching In The Morning

    Here’s Why You Wake Up With Your Body Aching In The Morning

    You know that feeling when you go to bed feeling alright and wake up with everything in your body aching? That happens not because you slept in a wrong position or on a lousy pillow, science have an explanation for that check it out below. Turns out that our bodies work on suppressing inflammation while we are asleep so when we wake up it feels like the inflammations are all back on and we have all that pain again, according to a study don’t by Manchester University published by the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Researchers examined humans and mice cells who were diagnosed with the inflammatory disease rheumatoid arthritis, people with RA have always…

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  • The Early Signs Of HIV Infection Before It Turns To AIDS

    The Early Signs Of HIV Infection Before It Turns To AIDS

    HIV is a health condition that is very hard to be detected by doctors at its early stages except with a proper diagnosis, there are a few signs that can detect HIV infection early though, here’s a list of the early signs of HIV to look out for before it is too late so read on. First let’s understand what HIV infection is? It is a viral infection caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus which is a retrovirus that enters the body and leads to AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. – How Does It Affect You? this virus attacks the immune system and weakens it, it particularly attack the CD4 cells that are responsible to fight off sickening microorganisms or viruses,…

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  • What Is Low Cortisol Levels and What Are The Symptoms

    What Is Low Cortisol Levels and What Are The Symptoms?

    Cortisol or also known as hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex to combat stress, normal levels of cortisol is important to maintain a good quality life and health, low levels of cortisol can adversely affect the quality of your life causing a series of undesired symptoms both physically and psychologically. Learn more about the significance and functions of cortisol below. What Is Cortisol? Cortisol is a steroidal hormone produced by the zona fasciculata, the middle of three layers that form the adrenal cortex that is located in the kidneys and regulated by the pituitary gland in the brain. The hormone plays an important role for the immune system, regulating blood pressure cardiovascular system, metabolism and more.…

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  • Simple Tips To Burn More Calories In Your Sleep

    Simple Tips To Burn More Calories In Your Sleep

    Is it possible to lose weight during your sleep? Yes it is because our metabolism only slows down during our sleep but it doesn’t stop, in order to be able to lose even more weight during sleep, we will present to you some simple tips to do so below so read on. 1- Plane Your Dinner Well. Many women tend to skip on dinner thinking that this will help them to lose more weight and have a better sleep, but that is not true as it can lead to overeating in the following day due to the long period of time the body was hungry for so instead of having a heavy meal for dinner opt to have something light…

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  • What Vitamins And Minerals Your Hair Need To Grow Long

    What Vitamins And Minerals Your Hair Need To Grow Long

    If you want to grow a longer hair, besides waiting for it to grow to your desired length, there are a number of other things you could do in order to help your hair grow at its maximum rate, such as avoiding damaging habits like heat styling, braiding, chemical treatments and making sure to trim the ends every 45 days so the split ends don’t make your hair appear as it is not growing fast enough. Beside all that, the wellbeing of your hair comes from inside, if you provide the needed nutrients your hair need to grow through your diet, it will grow faster and healthier that is why we collected the most needed nutrients the hair need to…

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  • Five Foods That Will Uplift Your Spirit In Minutes

    Five Foods That Will Uplift Your Spirit In Minutes

    Food is not only a mean of keeping us alive, but it was proven that food can influence our mood both directly and indirectly. By direct influence I mean that, when you hear there is food that you like for lunch you get excited and happy and you feel satisfied after the meal, and when you are forced to eat something you don’t enjoy you may get unhappy and have a bad mood. The indirect influence is by the nutrients each type of food provides, nutrients rich foods provide the body with its needs to function at its best rate, while calories rich and nutrients-poor meals will only get you bloated and your body will have to suffer for hours…

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