• How Gas Can Teach You about Your Health

    How Gas Can Teach You about Your Health

    Embarrassing as it is, gases are not uncommon to any of us, unless a person suffers from it on frequent basis. In that case, it’s crucial to figure out what your body is trying to let know. The following are the most common reasons of body gases. Too Much Dairy As you get older, lactate, an enzyme that digests milk, reduces in amount giving you a hard time digesting your food containing dairy products. There’s an easy way to figure out if that’s the reason behind your gases. Cut off all dairy products for a week and notice if you start to get better. Constipation Clogging up of feces in your digestive system can be the reason behind continuous gases…

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  • Foods for the Health of Diabetics

    6 Amazing Foods for the Health of Diabetics

    If you’re a diabetic, you already know the frustration that comes with it about what to eat and what to avoid. You have to make sure to stay away from many kinds of food such as pasta, refined bread and processed food. Fortunately however, there are many other foods that are considered highly nutritional and flexible for diabetics, you may want to take a look. 6. Dairy Products Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients, very healthy for diabetics and fat burning. They are typically found in dairy such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. You can easily replace soda and sugary juice with fat-free milk. 5. Beans The high content of fiber found in beans not only keeps you feeling…

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  • Causes of Having Cold Fingers All the Time

    4 Causes of Having Cold Fingers All the Time

    When it becomes chilly around us, our blood moves away from our extremities to keep our core warm thus giving us icy fingers. However, if you constantly suffer from a cold touch even when it isn’t that cold, there might be other causes that need examining, excluding the possibility of you being a vampire. Read on to discover the reasons behind having cold fingers all the time. 4. Hypotension If you lost lots of blood, are dehydrated, or are suffering from endocrine disorders, you probably also have hypotension, low blood pressure. Low blood pressure makes your fingers cold because blood would be directed to vital organs to keep them functioning well. In case you experience symptoms like nausea, blurry vision,…

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  • Anxiety Isn't So Bad After All

    Why Anxiety Isn’t So Bad After All

    Anxiety is bad and all, but have you ever wondered if anything good came out of it? Well it turns out that being anxious doesn’t only have downsides. There are times when anxiety can actually be beneficial to you. Next time your palms are sweating and you’re over-thinking a situation, remember that it can be for your own good, so long as it isn’t a serious anxiety disorder that needs to be checked on by a doctor. Here are three reasons why anxiety can be good for you: 1) You’re smarter than you think It has been proven that, students who were more anxious about their tests and thought about the worst-case scenarios, were often the ones who got the…

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  • What Happens When You Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole

    What Happens When You Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole?

    Sunflower seeds make a perfect snack. They are delicious, are quite entertaining to eat, and are full of nutrients like phytosterols which are plant chemicals that help lower cholesterol, magnesium and vitamin E. A common way to eat sunflower seeds is to crack their hulls open with your teeth and eat the kernel, the flesh inside. However, it must have occurred to you whether it is okay to just chew the whole thing, kernel and hulls, and you want to know what the worst that could happen? Well, here’s your answer…. The Ugly Truth Like all nuts, sunflower seeds have shells to protect the interior contents long enough to germinate and be ready to become beautiful sunflower plants. Birds find…

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  • How to Prevent Eye Redness

    How to Prevent Eye Redness

    Having red shot eyes is not an attractive sight, and can give people a false impression about you. There are several treatments for eye redness like the use of specific eye drops but the best treatment is preventing the redness from happening from the first place. Follow the steps below to avoid having to look at the world with bloody eyes: 1. Stay Away from Smoking Eye redness can be due to eye diseases like dry eye syndrome, uveitis and diabetic retinopathy which are all aggravated by smoking. Quitting smoking is the best way to avoid its irritants. Until you quit, smoke outside to enjoy a smoke-free home or invest in an air cleaner. 2. Get Sufficient Sleep The importance…

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  • Astonishing Facts You Might Have Not Known about Sweat

    10 Astonishing Facts You Might Have Not Known about Sweat

    We sweat when the weather is hot; when we exercise; and when we are faced with a stressful situation. We sweat every day, but there is a lot you might not know about your perspiration. Hence, keep reading to astonish yourself with facts about that fluid that flows out of your skin. 10. Your feet produce an incredible amount of sweat There are about 250,000 sweat glands in your feet. These glands produce about half a pint of fluid per day. 9. Sweat is like a fingerprint What lies in your sweat may vary by eating certain foods or taking some medications. However, you have a unique mix of 373 volatile compounds in your sweat that don’t change and act…

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  • Natural Ways to Care for Sensitive Teeth

    8 Natural Ways to Care for Sensitive Teeth

    When teeth enamel is damaged due to violent conditions such as excess consumption of sweets, it irritates the nerve endings causing sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, you may feel pain each time you drink or eat cold or hot food. Follow the following ways in order to treat your sensitivity at home. 8. Avoid Sugary and Acidic food Sugary and acidic food along with smoking will cause further damage to enamel and worsen sensitivity. 7. Chew Sugar-less Chewing Gum Chewing on gum stimulates the release of saliva which helps harden your teeth. However, make sure to avoid sugary gum that may be harm your enamel. 6. Wash Your Teeth at Least Twice a Day The building up of plaque…

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  • Health Facts You Can Learn from Your Menstrual Flow

    4 Health Facts You Can Learn from Your Menstrual Flow

    What comes out of our bodies can tell us a lot of what is going on in there. When it comes to period, symptoms like slight cramping, mood swings and bloating are all expected; and might keep ladies occupied from noticing whether or not their flow is healthy. A regular flow is expected to be bright red and lacking clots. Deviations from that are possible, yet you have to educate yourself about the meaning of different signs in your menstruation to be able to look after your health. Here are some health facts to enrich your knowledge: 1. Unexpected Spotting May Indicate Danger Being on the pill, bleeding on irregular days in your cycle is expected within the limit of…

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  • How to Naturally Cure Laryngitis

    How to Naturally Cure Laryngitis

    Your larynx, voice box, is vulnerable to inflammation if you suffer from cold or flu, or you occasionally raise your voice by teaching or singing. This voice box inflammation, known as laryngitis, is not a serious health issue but it is surely bothersome to speak with a hoarse voice. Fortunately, there are home remedies that can help you get your voice back as soon as possible. In case laryngitis persists more than two weeks, you should contact your doctor. For the time being, try the following recipes: 1. Drink Honey You can either swallow a large spoon of honey directly or dissolve it in a cup of warm tea to help relieve laryngitis. Honey is also effective in soothing sore…

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  • How to Easily Relieve Foot Pain

    How to Easily Relieve Foot Pain

    Foot pain is one of the worst pains you can face when sitting down after facing a long stressful day. If getting a foot massage from someone is not an option, don’t worry, you can ease the pain of your feet while you are at the comfort of your seat. All you have to do is do one or two of the following ways to effortlessly relieve foot pain and enjoy some comfort: 1. Use Ice Roll a frozen bottle of water in a towel then place it beneath your feet where you can roll it all over the bottom of your each foot. The cold will reduce inflammation that might be causing your foot pain. 2. Move Your Ankles…

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  • Tips for Your Beauty When You Have Dark Skin

    Great Tips for Your Beauty When You Have Dark Skin

    It is easy to find makeup and beauty hacks when you are fair skinned. Gorgeous dark skinned girls, however, do not find enough tips and makeup trick to boost their beauty. Like other girls with fairer skin, there are things a dark skinned girl should and shouldn’t do when it comes to beauty and makeup. Here, you can learn some of them. 1. You think that because you are a dark skinned girl, you have enough melatonin to go out in the glaring sun without a sunscreen? Think again! Think will harm the same way it does a snow-skinned girl. So get a good sunscreen with a decent SPF girl! 2. You also need to moisturize thoroughly. Not just to…

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  • Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

    5 Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

    You feel that you are drained out of energy and look for a boost, so you reach out for an energy drink to recharge your power; better than taking drugs right? Gulping energy drinks is not as safe as you might assume, there are several health concerns raised by the FDA related to drinking such drinks. There are even some reported cases of death by energy drinks. Here are the top 5 worrisome health issues that can be caused by the consumption of energy drinks: 4. Impairing Cognition Consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, like 40 mg, can improve the result of a reaction time test. However, the intake of higher amounts of caffeine, like the 80 mg found in a…

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  • How to Naturally Disinfect Your Tongue

    How to Naturally Disinfect Your Tongue

    Lack of oral hygiene causes a lot of problems starting with bad breath and tooth decay, and can end up with digestive problems. Brushing and flossing your teeth is surely one step towards good oral health, but your tongue can host lots of bacteria on its own. Here comes the need for disinfecting your tongue to enjoy a healthy mouth. All you need to do is follow the next simple steps: 1. Get Your Natural Mouthwash Ready The natural part about this tongue disinfection lies in making a DIY mouthwash. Here are some recipes to try: • The All-in-one Mouthwash If you’re looking for a mouthwash that has refreshing, antiseptic and antibiotic properties, just shake the following ingredients in a…

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  • Flavorsome Spices That Would Warm Your Body

    5 Flavorsome Spices That Would Warm Your Body

    When the temperature drops, the struggle to stay warm begins. If wearing layers upon layers of clothing doesn’t seem to protect you from your cold surroundings, you should resort to warming foods for warmth. Foods such as garlic, onions, nuts, seeds and oats are known for their raising the body temperature of those who eat them. Some of the most effective warming foods are just spices which can be added to several meals and boost their flavors. Warming spices work by kicking excess water out of tissues or by improving blood circulation. Keep reading to know more about our 5 flavorsome warming spices. 1. Turmeric Turmeric is loaded with astringent tannins that tighten tissues and removes surplus water from one’s…

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  • Healthy Fat Sources That Can Balance Your Diet

    7 Healthy Fat Sources That Can Balance Your Diet

    The secret of a diet that makes you lose weight and doesn’t make you abandon it in a few days is balancing it with healthy ingredients. It seems logical when you want to burn fat to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates and fats substantially. However, this approach leaves you with just proteins which you will eventually get tired of and make you give up on your diet. That is why you need to include moderate amounts of the following healthy fats to balance your diet. 1. Eggs Eggs are excellent options to get your cholesterol and saturated fats. Being rich in amino acids, eggs prove to be very nutritious for those who exercise besides dieting. 2. Avocados What distinguishes avocados…

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  • Scary Things You Need To Know About Vegetable Oil

    5 Scary Things You Need To Know About Vegetable Oil

    A lot of people prefer vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and soybean oil over animal fats like butter with the fear of raising cholesterol levels and increasing the risk of a heart attack although this phenomenon has been disproven. What they don’t know is the harmful side of vegetable oils which include the formation of plaque and the following: Vegetable Oils Lowers LDL (Bad Cholesterol) as well as HDL (Good Cholesterol) The good reputation of vegetable oil comes from the fact that vegetable oil lower LDL levels which is a prominent risk factor of cardiovascular disease. However, low level of HDL is another risk factor and vegetable oil just happens to lower HDL too. Vegetable Oils are Highly Refined…

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  • Life Threatening Consequences of Sitting

    5 Life Threatening Consequences of Sitting

    While it might seem relaxing and safe to sit on your couch all day, it actually is very dangerous to do so. If you think that exercising for some time may prevent the harms of being sedentary for a long time, then you aren’t entirely right. Here are 5 frightening things that can happen to you for sitting too long. 1. Cardiac Fats Researchers found that the more time people sat, the greater the fat surrounded their hearts, thus increasing the possibility of heart disease. It also seems that exercising doesn’t reduce those fats. 2. Diabetes Sitting for long periods of time may cause an increase in cholesterol level and blood pressure, leading of course to diabetes. So in a…

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  • Reasons of Earache

    Top 5 Most Common Reasons of Earache

    Earache usually occurs due to the blockage of the Eustachian tube that connects the ear and throat. This Eustachian tube depletes the fluid formed in the middle ear so when it’s blocked, build up of fluid occurs causing painful infections. Earache may be due to a mild condition like cold or shampoo getting stuck in your ear as you shower, or it may be due to a severe underlying cause and should be taken into consideration. The following are some of the most common causes of earache: 1. Cold Earache is one of the familiar symptoms individuals experience with common cold. Other symptoms include yellow/green mucus, fever, and chest pain. 2. Otitis Media Infections of the middle ear due to…

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  • Dangerous Components in Your Daily Diet

    5 Dangerous Components in Your Daily Diet

    Food plays a vital role in our everyday life. Unfortunately however, many of us do not take into consideration the amount and type of food we ingest into our bodies. We expose our bodies to low quality, highly processed foods when we should focus more on organic nutrient-rich foods. The following information aids to help you come around the diet you live by every day. 1. Table Sugar Table sugar and fructose corn syrup make up a great deal of our calories a day. For the body to metabolize these sugars, it uses up nutrients such as vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and more. Since these nutrients are not already present in the sugar, they got to be stolen from the…

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