• Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

    Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

    Winter is starting, and the harsh nature of it won’t only have it impact on your mood and skin but also your hair. Wind, snow and dry weather will irritate your scalp and make it more sensitive than usual which will result in frizzy and dull hair that falls and breaks much easier than before. Luckily, with just some extra care and attention from you, you can protect your hair through this harsh season, so to welcome the next summer with lustrous healthy locks, check out our tricks and tips to maintain your hair’s shininess and strength during the winter. 1- Pamper Your Hair. First of all, you got to know that during the winter, your hair will be drier…

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  • Five Professionals Tips For An Ever Ageless Hair

    Five Professionals Tips For An Ever Ageless Hair

    It is a wish for all of us but it is still hard to get sometimes, as we get older medications, styling damage and hormones can affect the quality and well-being of our hair as time goes by, but even though nature is going to take its course whether you accept it or not, following some hair care tips can regain the volume, shine and vitality your hair once had. Here are the most effective recommendations from professional hair stylists and nutrition experts to have an ageless looking hair. 1- Invest In A Good Quality Hair Brush. Regular drugstore plastic hair brushes can pull and break your hair leading to a dull looking broken hair, instead use a boar bristle…

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  • Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

    Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

    Many girls spend a lot of money on pricy – yet fake – products to get thick healthy hair. They might be misled by commercials that promote for hair products as if they are the magical solution for all hair problems .Unfortunately, those products might cause more damage to hair instead of treating it. Here are 5 simple hair care hacks to enjoy a heavy healthy hair: 1. Avoid washing your hair repeatedly: washing hair a lot is a disasterous habit because it strips your hair of natural oils which makes it dry and brittle. So, you better wash your hair only twice a week. Make sure you cover your hair using a shower cap when you take a shower.…

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  • What Vitamins And Minerals Your Hair Need To Grow Long

    What Vitamins And Minerals Your Hair Need To Grow Long

    If you want to grow a longer hair, besides waiting for it to grow to your desired length, there are a number of other things you could do in order to help your hair grow at its maximum rate, such as avoiding damaging habits like heat styling, braiding, chemical treatments and making sure to trim the ends every 45 days so the split ends don’t make your hair appear as it is not growing fast enough. Beside all that, the wellbeing of your hair comes from inside, if you provide the needed nutrients your hair need to grow through your diet, it will grow faster and healthier that is why we collected the most needed nutrients the hair need to…

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  • Nobody Told You These Facts About Shampoo Before

    Nobody Told You These Facts About Shampoo Before

    We use shampoo almost every day on our hair that we almost never stop and think about what we are doing and whether or not we are doing it right, it becomes a normal part of our daily life just like washing our bodies with soap, one thing we should all keep in mind though is that, shampoos are made up of chemicals no matter what the herbal label claims, the chemical content found in shampoos makes it crucial to rinse it off very well to prevent any build ups on the scalp of the head. Here is a list of other things that nobody told you about shampoos. 1- You Can’t Use The Same Shampoo Forever. shampoos are made…

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  • Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

    What Happens When You Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

    We are so used to the commercial products to provide the required care to our hair and scalp ignoring the effectivity of other simpler treatments that could work even better than expensive hair care products and treatments, here is how aspirin can help you protect your hair and enhance its beauty. . The Benefits Of Aspirin. Aspirin is an analgesic and anti-clotting most widely used worldwide, it is recommended by doctors to relieve fever and to protect cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits it is used for cosmetic purposes due to the advantage of all the materials that compose it. As how aspirin can help the hair, aspirin works on cleansing the scalp and hair from fungus infections that…

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  • Causes And Treatments for an Oily Scalp

    Four Causes And Treatments for an Oily Scalp

    An oily scalp can be considered as the biggest among all hair problems that is because it triggers several dermatological problems that affect the hair and the scalp, a greasy scalp can be caused by many different factors, below we will list to you the most common four factors for a greasy scalp and home remedies to treat the problem. 1- Wrong Shampoo. An extra harsh shampoo or a very mild shampoo can both trigger excess oiliness in the scalp, very harsh shampoos can leave your scalp too dry which stimulate excess oil production of the sebaceous glands in your scalp, on the other hand very mild shampoos can be unable to remove the oil and dirt from your scalp…

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  • Hair Drying Mistakes

    Eight Hair Drying Mistakes You Probably Are Doing

    The way you blow dry your hair every morning light be not correct, it turned out that blow drying your hair in a wrong way van adversely affecting your hair and in result your overall look. Blow drying your hair is an art in itself, it requires the right tricks and skills to make a flawless result without any possible damage, check out below the most common hair blow drying mistakes you should avoid. – Leaving Out The Styling Lotion. A good styling product has a role key in a good blowout result, an extremely fine and thin hair needs a volumizer while thick surely hair will need to keep frizzies bay with a good leave on conditioner. It is…

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  • Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

    Top 10 tips to master curling your hair

    The best version of curly is a natural curly! Overdoing your curls takes away from the charm. Master curling your hair with these tips: 1. Washing Washing your hair cleans it from excess oil and greasiness. Washing it more frequently than you should takes away the moisture. Avoid drying your hair through limiting your hair washing days. 2. Always moisturise To keep your hair moisturised, try applying a hair mask before taking a bath and the steam from the water will do the rest. Also, apply a conditioner every now and then to bring back moisture to the hair. It is vital to keep your hair moisturised all the time as it may dry due to water, air and heat.…

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  • benefits of salt for hair

    What are the benefits of salt for hair?

    You often hear about tips and guidelines that warn of the frequent use of salt in food and dishes. But, that is never applied to the hair, as salt has many beauty benefits, especially for the hair. Read about the great benefits of salt for the hair in the article. 1) Anti-dandruff: Salt helps to reduce and remove dandruff from the scalp and stimulates circulation in the scalp. Elements found in salt absorb the moisture and the excess oils, and thus prevents dandruff. 2) Protects the hair from fungus: Salt has an effective role in preventing fungal growth due to its significant ability to absorb moisture that makes the incubator environment for fungi. 3) Softens the hair: Salt is as…

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  • Rice water improves the quality of your hair and gives it a silky texture

    Rice water improves the quality of your hair and gives it a silky texture

    Often we heard about the health benefits of rice, but have you ever heard about the aesthetic benefits of it?. Yes, this is true, as rice water in particular has immense benefits for taking care of your hair and offers you the way to get healthy and beautiful hair. The starchy elements found in rice have significant positive effect on the hair helping to reduce dandruff and promote hair growth over a period of time, what makes this natural element on excellent remedy for the hair. Therefore, you should begin to prepare rice water recipe and soak your hair in it for about half an hour at least before taking a shower, and your hair will get the following benefits…

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  • Onion masks for hair

    Onion masks for hair

    Hair loss problem is very common among women everywhere. But, by applying onion mask for hair you will find amazing results for this treatment of the problem of hair loss and lack of hair growth. Try this recipe and you will be surprised by the changes that you will see on your hair. *How it works? Onion is not only a natural substance which is useful and inexpensive, but also it will protect you from chemicals that would harm your scalp more than you can imagine. Now let’s understand how onion affects hair growth. Onions contain a high amount of sulfur, that’s why onion can help to promote hair growth. Also, sulfur helps in increasing blood circulation, and it also…

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  • Natural recipes for your hair and your skin

    Natural recipes for your hair and your skin

    Are you tired of spending money on cosmetics and are afraid to use them because of their side effects? Here is a list of some natural foods and products that you can find in your kitchen which may become the secret of your beauty. -Use olive oil as a makeup remover: Olive oil is capable of removing makeup, including eye makeup. In addition, olive oil is less expensive than chemical products for removing makeup and it contains healthy fat that moisturize the skin. -Use egg whites to reduce puffiness under the eyes: You can improve the appearance of your eyes by using egg whites, which could work to tighten the area under the eyes and reduce puffiness. It also helps…

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  • Hair loss treatment for women

    Hair loss treatment for women

    Woman’s hair is considered their crown and it’s the secret for her beauty and charm. But what if your hair is weak and you suffer from the problem of hair loss? In this case, you will need a fast, effective and healthy treatment for hair loss. Thus, do not hesitate in applying these natural home remedies for treating hair loss in a healthy and inexpensive way. *Oils: – Coconut oil: Massage your hair with coconut oil to prevent hair loss. Also, coconut oil gives your hair radiant and brighter look plus it provides your hair with antibacterial properties that protect your hair from germs and infections. – Olive oil: It is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it provides excellent care for…

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  • Foods useful for nourishing your hair

    Foods useful for nourishing your hair

    Your hair needs special care in order to take care of it and maintain its health and vitality. Hair products and recipes are not enough for maintaining healthy hair. In addition, you should take care of your food and include the important and useful elements needed for your hair. *Dairy products: Like milk, yoghurt and low-fat cheese because they contain a high percentage of calcium which is important for your hair. *All kinds of nuts: Like almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and cashews because they are full of zinc and omega- 3 which protects the hair from embrittlement. *Carrots: It has a high content of vitamin A, which nourishes the scalp. *Whole grains: They contain a large amount of fiber, zinc…

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  • best mixtures of Henna for hair

    3 of the best mixtures of Henna for hair

    Henna is characterized by many aesthetic benefits, especially for the hair. It has been used by ancient Egyptians and nowadays it is used by Arab people at their weddings and happy occasions. In this article, there are some mixtures of Henna that can be used for dying hair and taking care of it. *Henna and eggs: Use a mixture of henna with eggs to feed the hair, lengthen it, strengthen it and to prevent hair loss. Mix them well and use the mixture directly to cover your hair with it from the roots to the ends. Leave it for 3 hours and after that wash it with lukewarm until the mixture falls from the hair. Then, wash your hair as…

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  • Advices to maintain healthy hair

    Advices to maintain healthy hair

    Of course having healthy hair is the dream of every girl in the world. We all want to have soft, thick and shiny hair. But, most of us have problems in our hair like dryness, dandruff and hair loss. Here are some advices to help you avoid hair problems in order to get the healthy hair you are dreaming of. – Do not wash your hair more than twice or three times a week. Washing your hair too much deprives it from the natural oils which are produced by the scalp and are useful to its health. – Avoid exposing your hair to heat sources such as hair dryers and hair straighteners. The heat causes decreasing of the shine of…

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  • How To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair

    How To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair

    Coconut oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates which are great for your health and beauty as well, when speaking of beauty, coconut oil can do miracles for your hair and skin, in this article we will speak of its benefits to the hair particularly and how to use it to get all its potential benefits. Coconut oil will be just as effective as the other expensive cosmetic products but without the side effects, check out below how to use coconut oil for your hair. 1- Leave-in Hair Conditioning Treatment. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid as well as medium-chain fatty acids so it will penetrate your hair strands easily and provide its needs of moisture and nutrients.…

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  • Ways to restore vitality of the hair

    5 Ways to restore vitality of the hair

    Healthy hair is the goal of every girl around the world. Most girls practice bad daily habits that affect the health of the hair negatively. In order to restore shine and health to your hair you should follow some steps that help to maintain it. 1- Experts always advise to use an appropriate conditioner for hair type after a shower. Leave the conditioner on your hair for two or three minutes and then rinse your hair again. This way gives you shiny and soft hair as it moisturizes your hair effectively. 2- Before taking a shower try to make an oil bath to your hair. Massage your scalp with a little of natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil and…

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  • Natural recipes to strengthen the hair

    4 Natural recipes to strengthen the hair

    Are you looking for natural ways and recipes to strengthen and nourish your hair? Are you tired of trying commercial products that damage your hair? Here is the solution with the most prominent natural recipes that can strengthen the hair and protect it from damage. 1) White vinegar with cucumber: Blend two cucumbers and then mix their juice with some white vinegar. Apply the mixture on your hair for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. This mixture will help you to get rid of dandruff and strengthen the roots of your hair. 2) Honey and eggs: The mixture of honey and eggs is from the best recipes for strengthening and nourishing the hair. Mix one egg with three…

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