• Alcohol Consumption Is Linked To Seven Types Of Cancer

    Alcohol Consumption Is Linked To Seven Types Of Cancer

    The medical awareness is recommending people to treat alcohol as a substance that should be used with caution, apparently there’s a good reason for that. Regular consumption of alcohol lead to several health concerns including depression, high blood pressure and dementia. Doctors have also long suspected a link between drinking alcohol and the susceptibility to cancer but that link was not certain yet. In a recent review published by the journal “Addiction” confirmed that consuming alcohol regularly can cause cancer in not just one or two parts of the body but seven including: Mouth and throat. Esophagus. Larynx. Liver. Colon. Rectum. Breast. Alcohol causes all these types of cancer in a number of ways. For instance, when booze directly get…

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  • Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

    Over 75% Of the Chicken Meat Sold In The US Contains Cancer Causing Arsenic

    I don’t know about you guys but lately Every time I go shopping I stop and wonder In the poultry meat sections, sometimes I buy chicken as a change and most of the times I don’t want to buy it, lately as I bite into my homemade chicken nuggets or even any regular baked chicken I feel the chicken taste weird and unusual, I feel like I’m biting into this string tasteless meat no matter how long I marinate it for. A few days ago I read on the news headlines that most of the chicken meat sold in the USA contain arsenic over ,75% of the chicken sold in your regular grocery shop contain a cancer causing substance. It…

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  • Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

    Your Hot Coffee Or Tea Can Put You At a Higher Risk of Cancer

    Are you a fan of extra pipping hot tea or coffee? A tongue burn is not only the side effect for shipping super-hot drinks. In a recent research published by the International Agency for Research On Cancer, sipping on super-hot drinks like tea or coffee can actually increase your risk of cancer could you imagine? Here’s the whole story: a team of 23 experienced international scientists analyzed all the available data found on carcinogenicity of hot beverages like the coffee, the results of the research found that, sipping on anything higher than the temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit can be carcinogenic to humans, that pits your favorite extra hot latte at the same category as exposure to lead fumes. Drinking…

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  • Products you use or consume daily that can cause cancer

    5 Products you use or consume daily that can cause cancer!

    Cancer is one of the greatest threats nowadays, ending too many lives every year. There are over hundred kinds of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lymphoma. Symptoms differ depending on the kind. Cancer therapy may involve chemotherapy, sometimes involves surgery, or radiation. It can be induced by many things that you don’t know so that the pharmaceutical business can profit from the disease. Cancer, also named malignancy, is an irregular growth of cells, and that is what makes curing it difficult. Here is a list of some of the products we use not knowing that they can cause cancer: 1. Hormones found in milk and meat: To enhance the meat and milk…

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  • How To Detect Skin Cancer

    How To Detect Skin Cancer

    Early detection of skin cancer can be a matter of life or death, certain types of skin cancer like melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma if detected at an early stage the treatment and recovery can be ensured, regular check-in is important specially if you are at risk in order to detect it early and prevent it from spreading which will enable you to eradicate it with minimal side effect, the following are tips on how to identify symptoms of skin cancer early. 1- Keep Monthly Journal Of Your Skin State. It can be useful to write down the state of your skin on a particular day of every month, check all easily seen parts of your skin and write notes…

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    Is it true that simple choices you make every day can cut your cancer risk? Well, there is no “killer app” to keep you healthy and there is nothing magic about cancer prevention. Actually, it is possible for anyone to develop cancer even with trying to live a perfectly healthy life. However, experts say that at least a third of cancer cases are related to one’s lifestyle. With every unhealthy habit you drop and every healthy choice you make, you are decreasing your cancer risk. Here are some of the healthiest habits to help prevent cancer: • Stop smoking – lung cancer due to smoking kills a lot of men and women every year, and smoking is linked to different…

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    It is well- accepted that chances of developing cancer are related to one’s lifestyle choices; some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference. • Eat a healthy diet, which means eating plenty of vegetables and fruits and other foods from plant sources like whole grains. Eat fewer high- calorie foods including fat from animal sources and refined sugars. Limit processed meat because a report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer revealed that the risk of certain types of cancer can be slightly increased by eating large amounts of processed meat. As the Mediterranean diet focuses mostly on plant- based foods such as legumes and nuts as well as olive oil instead of butter and fish over red…

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  • Breast Cancer And How To Prevent It By Food

    Breast Cancer And How To Prevent It By Food

    Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and also the deadliest, the World Health Organization estimated that by 2020 the cases of breast cancer will be so much higher and that one of every eight woman can be at risk of developing breast cancer. Many factors contribute to breast cancer such as genetics, diet and lifestyle however the real cause for breast cancer is not determined yet. There are many ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer and they are mainly focused on applying a few changes to your lifestyle. Eating healthy foods, staying physically active, avoiding alcohol and smoking, maintaining ideal body weight and getting pregnant, making babies and breastfeeding them are all factors that…

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  • Symptoms That Tell You That You Have Skin Cancer

    5 Symptoms That Tell You That You Have Skin Cancer

    Did you know that the most common type of cancer is skin cancer? And it is cancer, the life threatening illness, not something you can cure with antifungal and antimicrobial ointments. The good news is that you can treat it if you discover it as early as possible. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of skin cancer, and some of which are: 1- Scaly skin can be a symptom of cancer. However you need to differentiate between scaly skin which is a symptom of eczema or dry skin, and scaly skin which is a sign of cancer. Eczema and dry skin can be treated with moisturizers and topical treatments while cancer CANNOT. 2- Pimples that won’t go away…

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  • 4 Alarming Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer

    4 Alarming Signs You Might Have Breast Cancer

    Did you know that one of each eight women in USA alone is diagnosed with breast cancer? That makes it what? The most common type of cancer? Like other types of cancer, the best cure for it is by detecting it as early as possible. To detect breast cancer, you need to learn about the signs of breast cancer you can find by hand checking. Here are some of them: • Swelling of breast could very possibly be an alarming sign of breast cancer. If there is a tumor in the breast, it could press on its tissues and the areas around it. This swelling of course can come with other symptoms such as feeling like the breast skin is…

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  • Symptoms Of Cancer You Didn't Know About

    Symptoms Of Cancer You Didn’t Know About And Wouldn’t Pay Attention To

    Cancer is a general term for over one hundred types of diseases, while each cancer type is characterized with its own symptoms, some symptoms frequently occurs with many different types of cancer, other types of cancer may show no symptoms at all untill it is in a very critical and advanced state, therefore cancer screening and risk assessments is vital for cancer prevention and early treatment. Among the most common cancer symptoms that you didn’t know about or may not relate them to cancer are:- – Continues Fatigue. Persistent fatigue is a symptom commonly associated with many different types of cancer specially those related to bowl and digestive system, it usually occurs in the advanced stages of the diseases, however…

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  • Breast Size Contributes To Developing Breast Cancer

    Does Breast Size Contributes To Developing Breast Cancer?

    Many women around the world wonder whether or not breast size influences the possibility of developing breast cancer, myths are there that women with larger breast size are more susceptible to develop breast cancer than those with smaller breasts, while there is no clinical or scientific study proved that breast size is a factor of developing breast cancer, being obese can be a contributing factor. Women who are over weight are at a higher risk of having breast cancer than those who follow a healthy diet and have thin bodies, so maybe this is one of of the factors that mistakingly fueled this myth. However although breast size may not be an influence on your risk of developing breast cancer,…

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  • Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer, And What You Need To Watch Out For

    Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer, And What You Need To Watch Out For

    Ovarian cancer is the silent killer for over 140.000 women worldwide every year, most women ignore the symptoms which delays the diagnosis untill the cancer is already in an advanced and critical state, it is one of the most deadly cancer types with a very high rate of deaths and unfortunately, all women at almost any age are susceptible to develop ovarian cancer, therefore we made this article to spread some awareness among women about the symptoms and what you should do so read on. – Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer. Experiencing lack of energy. Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle. Irregular cycles that can be more often, less with unstable duration. Increased abdominal size and persistent bloating. Lack of appetite. Pressure…

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  • Over- exaggerated 5 Myths about Cancer

    Over- exaggerated 5 Myths about Cancer

    Every now and then we hear stories about this and that causing cancer. For the most part, these stories are regularly based on myth. Although there might be a degree of truth behind them, the studies that resulted in a global myth might simply have been exaggerated or even misunderstood. Here are some examples: 1. Deodorants and Antiperspirants Cause Cancer : People may assume that deodorants and antiperspirants cause cancer since breast cancer usually develops close to the armpit. However, the real reason behind cancer developing in that location is because breast tissue is most abundant near the armpit. 2. Stress Causes Cancer : Some research found that people suffering depression are more likely to die from cancer. Other studies…

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  • Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Be Aware of

    7 Alarming Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Be Aware of

    Cervical cancer cannot be taken lightly as it ranks as the fourth common cancer in women that result in death. This cancer is usually caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV) and unfortunately there is no scientific proof on the effectiveness of vaccine in preventing cervical cancer. Inform yourself with the signs of cervical cancer to reach for medical intervention as soon as possible. 1. Pain during Urination : A urinary tract infection can cause pain during urination, but so does a cervical cancer when it reaches the bladder so stay alarmed. 2. Vaginal Bleeding in Unusual Times : Vaginal bleeding when you are not menstruating can be caused by several medical conditions but it is a major symptom of cervical cancer.…

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  • Fluorescent Lights Affect Your Health Cancer and Migraines

    Does Fluorescent Lights Affect Your Health? Cancer and Migraines

    In case you spend a lot of time under fluorescent light, whether at the office or at home, you’re probably aware of how irritating it is because of its brightness, its noise, and the way it makes you look zombie pale. But above all that, do fluorescent lights also really affect our health? Mentioned below are some facts and myths you perhaps may have heard of about the effect of fluorescent light on our body. Myth or Fact? Radiation Emitted By CFLs Causes Cancer CFLs, in fact, do emit radiation that generates electromagnetic fields. But so does your cell phone. The radiation emitted from CFLs has no impact whatsoever to a person standing two to one feet away from the…

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  • Foods For Cancer Prevention

    Seven Foods For Cancer Prevention

    We all know that prevention is better than curing specially in the case of cancer because there is no effective cure for cancer found yet, Preventing risks for cancer only needs a few changes to be done by you in your life style including your eating habits, there are many natural foods that can reduce your risks if developing cancer to the minimum, so take a look below at the following list, and start incorporating these foods in your diet more often. 1- Dark Leafy Vegetables. All dark leafy vegetables including spinach, lettuce, beet greens and red cabbage are very good for your over all health for all the fibers and nutrients contained, these types of vegetables contain antioxidants called…

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  • Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

    Seven Tips To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

    Preventing or lowering the risks of the disease is better than curing, if you have in your genes risks of developing cancer then you should consider following some safety steps in order to reduce your risks of developing cancer, on this article we will go through seven ways to reduce your risk of cancer, they are easy and you need to be regular, so read on to find out more. 1- Eat Healthy. Eating healthy can protect you from cancer up to fourth percent, all you need to do is eat a lot of foods that contain antiinflammatory properties and antioxidants, include a lot of leafy green, fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoid junk food and foods that are…

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  • 10 Intriguing Details about Cancer

    10 Intriguing Details about Cancer

    Cancer is notorious for being one of the deadliest diseases ever known to mankind. The seek for an eventual cure for cancer always goes on and with the fact that there are over a hundred types, the seek may never end. Here are ten intriguing details to have a little knowledge about this broad disease. 10. Cancer Affects Various Races Differently Cases diagnosed with cancer, including those doomed to its fatality, are tracked by scientists by ethnicity and gender. These factors, probably to genetic reasons, affect cancer risk and impacts. Although Asians in California have higher rates of certain cancers, like liver and stomach cancer, than blacks, South Asian men are 5 times less likely to die of cancer than…

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