Health Improvement Guide for a … Couch Potato

Is your lazy life style standing in the way of your health? We are not going to tell you to leave that couch for good and become an athlete, but we will provide you with some applicable tips you can follow to improve your well being without extreme effort. Don’t let your laziness stop you from reading this article and taking a positive action towards your health.

Make Use of TV Time : Replacing watching television with another activity is hard for many of us. However, you can make use of the time you spend watching your favorite show by using commercial breaks for simple exercises like a couple of sit-ups. Just moving around instead of sitting for a lot of time burns a considerable amount of calories.

Get Sufficient Sleep : Sufficient sleep has tremendous benefits such as helping you lose weight; boosting your memory; decreasing your chances of heart disease and helping you live longer. Hence, instead of staying up late on the internet or in front of the television, harness the benefits of a good slumber.

Challenge Your Brain : Are you feeling too lazy to exercise your biceps and triceps? Exercise your brain muscles by reading a book, or solving a game of crossword or Sudoku. Challenging your brain with these activities improves your mental health and makes you less prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Take Your Time While Eating : Add your meals to the list of things you like to do the lazy way. Eating slowly with nothing on your mind but food is much better than rushing your meals and eating them while doing something else. Savoring a meal unhurriedly allows your body to make you feel full so you can avoid eating too much.

Get a Pet : Pet owners enjoy many mental and physical health benefits such reduced stress and balanced blood pressure. Get a pet to become more healthy but don’t be lazy to care for it!

Health Improvement Guide Couch Potato

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