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Serious Health Conditions Stomach Bloating Can Signal

Stomach bloat is the everyday battle for a huge number of people out there, in most cases, bloating occurs as a result of eating certain foods, but it can also be a symptom for another underlying medical condition. Stomach bloat can be triggered by eating certain foods, drinking sodas and carbonated beverages, taking certain medicines or environmental pollution. Stomach bloat can be a symptom of over eating, IBS, hormonal imbalances, dysfunction thyroid gland, acid reflux, intestinal infections, food intolerance or just swallowing too much air during eating.

However, regular and consistent bloating can signal other serious health problems, so you need to learn the difference between just normal bloat caused by eating something hard to digest and the bloat that could be caused by a medical condition that requires immediate medical attention.

– Ovarian Cancer.

A persistent bloat, pain in the pelvis and feeling dull all the time can all be symptoms for ovarian cancer, risk factors include giving birth over 45 years of age, not giving birth or getting pregnant at all, the use of contraceptives, age, genetics and obesity. Women who are over 50 are at a higher risk of developing this condition so if the bloat is associated with pain in the pelvis then make sure to roll out the likelihood of dealing with ovarian cancer with a doctor.

– Uterine Cancer.

Besides bloating, other symptoms to this condition include vaginal bleeding, abnormal discharge, pain in the pelvis and pain during intercourses. The main cause for this type of cancer is high levels of estrogen in the absence of progesterone such as in the case of consuming hormonal replacement, family history, radiation therapy and age.

– Stomach Cancer.

With this type of cancer there are almost no symptoms in the early stages, however in the further stages, the patient can experience pain in the pelvis, constant bloat, vomiting, indigestion and nausea. Risk factors include eating too much processed meats and foods and bacterium H.pylori.

– Pancreatic Cancer.

Symptoms that can indicate Pancreatic Cancer include pain in the upper abdomen, jaundice, sudden weight loss and loss of appetite.

– Sudden Weight Loss.

If bloating present with sudden weight loss then it could indicate intestinal cancer, if you lose ten percent or more of your general body weight unintentionally then that could signal intestinal tumors, loss of appetite can occur too as a result of the tumor pressing on the intestinal wall which will make you feel satiated after eating a small portion.

Serious Health Conditions Stomach Bloating Can Signal

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