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The Exceptional Health Benefits Of Onions For The Whole Body

Onions, these pungent essential ingredient in most meals are considered among the most nutritious foods can ever be found, they contain numerous health benefits and they can be a powerful anti-cancer aid. Whether they are white, red or sweet, onions in general provide your body with high supply of antioxidants and various nutrients, however each type of onion vary, yellow onion provide the highest sulfuric compounds while red onions contain the highest levels of antioxidants and sweet onions are mild and can easily be eaten raw or with salads although they are not that rich with nutrients when compared to white and red onions, below we will discover together the exceptional health benefits of onions so read on.

1- Helps To Fight Cancer.

Many clinical studies proved that onions from all types help to fight the generation of cancer cells specially ovarian, colon and mouth cancer due to the high level of antioxidants onions provide that help to prevent the cellular damage of free radicals.

2- Improves The Heart Health.

Another health benefit of onions lay in its fibrinolytic content which prevent the formation of blood clots and ensure a healthy blood circulation, beside that, onions also reduce the harm of bad LDL cholesterol by reducing the oxidative effect of free radicals in the blood vessels.

3- Helps Keeping Strong Bones.

Beside being very beneficial to the heart health, onions are also great to maintain strong bones by fostering the bones mineral density . in a clinical study, women that were consuming at least an onion a day had five percent more bones density than those who consumed onions monthly or weekly.

4- Helps Controlling Blood Sugar Levels.

Onions also are considered a perfect natural aid to control blood sugar and weight gain, onions prevent insulin resistance by the cells as well as lowering the plasma glucose concentrations in the blood stream. Onion extract can be used effectively to suffice you from diabetes pills even.

5- Alleviate Arthritis And Asthma.

Because onions contain high levels of anti-inflammatories , it can provide a great aid in alleviating or reducing the risk of inflammatory diseases like arthritis and asthma, yellow onions or what is also known as white onions provide higher levels of quercetin which can be even more helpful for specially those who are suffering from arthritis.

6- Protects Against Respiratory Infections.

Whenever you are having a seasonal cold, try consuming more onions and preferably Raw onions to Naturally help your body fight the infection, onions contain pyonutrients which was found to boost the immune system and clear the mucus from the nasal passages as well as reduce inflammations which will help you feel better faster.

7- Increase Fertility In Men.

Onions was proved to increase the man’s fertility, in a study that was made on lap rats that were consuming onions in higher levels for 20 days, it was found that the testestorone levels in the male rats was significantly increased as well as the sperm concentration and mobility.

Health Benefits Of Onions

The Exceptional Health Benefits Of Onions For The Whole Body

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