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5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Growing Beards

Men shaving their faces smooth are becoming outdated as more and more males are letting their facial hair grow freely to become more fashionable. Apart from the fashion trend, studies have shown that a lot of women find men with beards more attractive. But does the majestic beard have more to it than being a chick magnet? Read on and judge for yourself…

5. No Shaving = Less Infections : Shaving causes bacterial infections like folliculitis, which is the case of spotting that happens when hair follicles become infected, ingrown hair and razor rash. Lifting the razor from your mustache and beard rescues your face from these problems.

4. Beards Work as Natural Sunscreen : Beards stop most of the harmful UV rays from reaching your face as facial hair acts like SPF. The more dense and thick your beard is, the more you are protected against harmful sunrays and UV related problems like skin cancer and aging.

3. Letting Your Facial Hair Grow Slows Aging Down : Along with protecting you from the harms of UV radiation, a beard will keep your face moisturized as it shields your skin from the drying effects of cold air and wind. Moreover, when you apply moisturizer when having a beard, there is a less chance it will be wiped off than on a hairless face.

2. Facial Hair Protect Against Asthma and Allergy : Facial hair can trap allergens such as dust or pollen particles before they reach the nose. This filters the air entering the respiratory system and so reduces symptoms of asthma and allergy.

1. Beards Keep Diseases Away : The hair of beards works as a natural insulator that protects your neck against cold air. Keeping your neck warm with the protection of the beard is very helpful in the fight against colds and cold related illnesses.
Health Benefits of Growing Beards

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