Health Benefits Of Coffee, Good For Your Heart, Brain And Liver

Coffee is the second most popular beverage worldwide after water and more than 59% of adult Americans drink coffee on daily bases, so understanding the nutritious facts and danger factors of drinking coffee too much is a must, because we keep on hearing that drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can be dangerous for the health we wanted to investigate the issue closely.

It may surprise you to know that coffee beans is one of the richest ingredients with antioxidants, and coffee is actually one of the highest contributors to antioxidants in the average American diet, coffee help reduces inflammation which is the main reason for most of the chronic diseases, thus it has been linked with many health benefits that include:-

Fighting Depression.
Protecting against cancer.
Protecting against diabetes.
Promoting the heart health.
Preventing neurodegenerative diseases.
Increase cognitive function.
Increase physical performance.
Improves bowel movement.
Provides A Considerable asthma control.
Helps to improve and protect the liver health.

Although all the top health benefits have been linked with coffee but there are still disagreement regarding whether or not coffee is more beneficial to the health than harmful, although coffee can help you focus and feel energetic, for some people coffee causes anxiety, insomnia and lake of concentration.

How Much Coffee Is Safe For You Then?

Because there is too much arguments about whether or not drinking coffee excessively can benefit or harm you, learning how much coffee is safe for you to get all the health benefits mentioned below and how much is too much is very important. Ideally for a healthy adult 500 mg of caffeine per day is not harmful which is about five cups of the Homemade coffee or one large Starbucks coffee, however in the case of pregnancy only 200 milligrams are allowed per day, it is preferred to stay away from coffee all together during pregnancy though. If you are sick it is better to stick to the minimum or no coffee at all.
Health Benefits Of Coffee, Good For Your Heart, Brain And Liver

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