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Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar or also know as cane sugar has a distinct brown color and a slight different taste in comparison to white sugar, you can make it yourself by mixing some molasses with white sugar, or you can buy brown sugar hat is not completely refined and bleached. A lot of people prefer brown sugar because of its taste and some think it is a healthier alternative to regular white sugar, while brown sugar has the same amount of calories as white sugar, it does packs some health benefits that white sugar lacks, the following is a list of the health benefits of brown sugar.

1- It Has Important Minerals For The Body.

The minerals found in brown sugar are from the molasses added to the sugar, molasses is a good source of important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, one teaspoon of brown sugar with your tea everyday gives you 20% of your daily requirements of iron and Calcium, indeed molasses is actually used to prevent or treat anemia during pregnancy.

2- It Eases Menstrual Cramps.

The potassium found in molasses which is mixed with the sugar to make brown sugar helps in relaxing the muscles including the Uterine muscle and eases contractions that occur during the menstruation that causes cramps, you can take it in its natural form or mix it with some ginger tea for a boosted benefit, however be aware of the calories you are consuming.

3- It Goes In The Manufacturing Of Anti-aging Products.

The Anti-aging properties come from the molasses, indeed brown sugar goes in the manufacturing of many Anti-aging creams and products, you can make one yourself by mixing brown sugar with egg whites and honey and apply that mixture once a week, or buy Anti-aging cream that contains cane molasses.

4- You Will Need To Use It Less.

Because brown sugar has a stronger flavor when compared to regular white sugar, you will want to use it less because its flavor can take over the taste of your drink which will result in you consuming less calories and being able to lose weight easier.

5- Brown Sugar For Glowing Skin.

Brown sugar has many antibacterial properties along with glycolic acid, all that with its grainy texture and mineral content makes it perfect to make a face scrub or exfoilant , mix it with enough olive oil to create a sticky paste that can rub easy on the skin.

Note:/ yes brown sugar can be a slightly healthier alternative to white sugar because at least it contains some health benefits and not only empty calories like white sugar, however it is still very high in calories and should be taken in less quantities or applied on the skin without investing it.

Health Benefits Of Brown Sugar

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